Let's get to know the offal better


Among the offal products we find authentic and well-known delicacies, such as beef liver or sweetbreads.

We can divide them into white (marrow, criadillas, brains, guts, feet, gizzards, head) or red (heart, liver, tongue, lungs, spleen, kidneys).

In general, they have always been considered secondary pieces, especially the whites, the tripe and the corns. Only the kidneys, the liver and the veal gizzard, as well as the criadillas and the brains of lamb, enjoy a true gastronomic fame. However, both in Spain and abroad, there are countless regional dishes, such as tripe, roasts, feet or Scottish hagiis, Brussels choesels, Milanese busecca, and even pig teat and cow udder in Germany. .

In the fields, the slaughter of butcher animals only took place from time to time. The need to cook and quickly consume some offal turned the slaughter of an animal (especially that of the pig) into a collective feast, which still exists in some regions.

In the tripero table. The pig provides the largest quantity of offal usable in the kitchen: head for galantines, head pate and ears roasted with the head; various liver patés; sausages with the digestive tract, blood sausage, and so on. The spleen, lungs and heart are used less, but other offal serve as the basis for simple and tasty culinary preparations; pork feet (breaded and roasted), kidneys (sautéed), liver (fried or stewed), etc.

It is interesting to know that corns have a high protein power, that the liver contains a high amount of vitamin A, B and iron, that gizzards or the tongue are as rich in protein as meat. In general, they are high in mineral salts and low in fat.

In general, offal is cheaper than meat. When we go to buy it, we have to pay special attention to the fact that these are very fresh and their consumption has to be the same day or the next day if we keep it in the refrigerator.

The nutritional power of the offal makes it very suitable for restorative diets and especially for children.

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