Consommé, from a broth


I recently made an entry on how to prepare a homemade broth, that frozen, we would have it available as a base for future dishes. Well today we are going to give you an application: we are going to make a consommé.

Ingredients: It is clear that as a base is the broth that we have prepared, egg whites, chopped vegetables and some chicken bones; I do not give quantities because everything will depend on the amount of consommé we want to make.

preparation: The consommé consists of adding egg whites together with some chopped vegetables (to taste) to a broth. We will move with a wooden spatula until it starts to boil; From here we do not touch it and leave it on a low heat for approximately 2 hours. We will observe that the egg whites form a kind of layer in which fats and impurities are retained. Chicken bones toasted in the oven are also added to make the consommé a golden color.

The vegetables will always be added after the broth starts to boil, in this way we can remove impurities more easily. If we want a darker consommé, we can brown the bones and the meat before adding the water. If we add a splash of sherry and / or an egg yolk to a broth or consommé at the last moment, before serving, the result will also be spectacular.

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