Cool it, the bottle designed for the future


How do you like to store your drinks? In a jug, in a bottle? I present to you Cool-it, the bottle designed for the future that, with a very simple and functional design, has won the iF Design Award Gold 2015, the most prestigious award for design quality, in the product category.

At home we keep the water in the fridge in a jug, but I don't like the closure system, which forces us to remove the lid every time we pour ourselves water, the ball-shaped closure of this bottle has seemed more practical. by Canadian designer Francis Cayouette, which also fits perfectly on the refrigerator door.

This bottle was designed for RIG-TIG, a brand of kitchen products from the Danish firm Stelton. The jug is made of glass and rubber and has a capacity of 1.5 liters. It can be found in 3 colors: gray, blue and orange, which one do you like the most?

As a curiosity, I will mention that Francis Cayouette is well known for the toys designed for the Swedish brand IKEA. I think that the concept of a toy has been transferred to the design of this bottle. What did you think of Cool-it, the bottle designed for the future?

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