Roast beef rib at low temperature. Economic recipe

I really wanted to cook with this cheap ingredient again because we already made another recipe using veal skirt with oriental lacquer and the result was barbaric. On this occasion, I have prepared this low-temperature roast beef rib, an inexpensive recipe, flavoring it with garlic and rosemary. Now I find it difficult to decide which of the two preparations I liked the most.

To cook the meat I have used a gift that the Three Kings brought me, which allows transforming any saucepan into a sous vide oven for cooking at vacuum temperature. It is an Anova immersion circulator, a device that Liliana told you about here, which is similar in shape and size to a mixer and which is fixed to the saucepan and maintains a constant temperature while circulating the water with which can achieve an impressive texture and tenderness in meats.


For 2 persons
  • Whole beef rib, with its brisket 1
  • Garlic clove 1
  • Fresh thyme 1 branch
  • Parsley 1 branch
  • Spices to taste

How to make roast beef rib at low temperature

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 36 h 13 m
  • Elaboration 13 m
  • Cooking 36 h

Since the piece was relatively small, I decided to cook it for less time than the other time, so that it wouldn't go overboard. This time I had it at 62ºC for 36 hours, during which I was monitoring the process from my mobile phone.

The first thing is to season the meat and put it in a plastic bag and then seal it in a vacuum. Once ready, we put it into the saucepan in which we have set the immersion circulator and set the temperature, leaving the meat to cook by itself, without staining and without losing its juices, which will be collected in the bag to make the sauce .

After cooking, we open the bag, take out the meat and reduce the sauce in a saucepan until it has the point we like. The meat gains a lot if we mark its exterior on a very hot plate. Therefore, I separated the meat from the bone and browned its surface as you see in the images. Finally, I carved it into 1 cm thick pieces and stacked it on a board.

As a garnish, I served a bit of the parsnip puree we made the other day, the remains of which I had in the fridge and which served to give a delicious contrast to the meat. Also, the sauce on the beef brisket was great. As you can see, a recipe with very cheap meat and pure use of leftovers and leftovers that I had at home, ideal to recover from Christmas expenses.

What to accompany the roast beef skirt at low temperature

The roast beef brisket at low temperature can be consumed on the spot if you do as I have said or it can also be left inside the bag and in the fridge or freezer until it is consumed. In that case, it is convenient to submerge it in water inside the bag for about 30 minutes so that it recovers its temperature inside, before continuing with the process of marking, carving and serving it. When serving, it works very well if you sprinkle the surface with Maldon salt and accompany it with a little homemade mashed potato.

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