Barbecue ribs at low temperature: the juiciest and most tender that can be achieved at home

Barbecued pork ribs or bbq ribs It is one of the staples in any American restaurant and raises passions around the world. As the name implies, this dish is traditionally made on a barbecue, cooking and smoking the meat very slowly, and it ends with a sauce of the same name, with an unmistakable flavor.

In Spain you can eat good ribs in specialized restaurants - some dedicated almost exclusively to offering this dish - but it is not easy to emulate its flavor at home. Good results are achieved by cooking the ribs and then passing them through the oven, but - leaving aside that the smell given off by this meat when cooked is very unpleasant - it is difficult to achieve that the ribs remain juicy and also retain their shape.

The best way to cook the ribs on the barbecue without having a wood grill is to cook them in a vacuum and at a low temperature, to give the last touch to the oven. This technique also allows the ribs to be cooked together with a marinade, which makes them very tasty, without depending only on the sauce (which can still be added at the end).

The combination of spices with which to cook the ribs can vary to infinity, but, after several tests, we have come to a mixture with which excellent results are achieved, without having to resort to more difficult ingredients to find in these parts.

Regarding the times, we have tried several combinations, but the ones offered on the American page Serius Eats have given us the best results. It is advisable here to cook the ribs for 12 hours at 74º to achieve a firmer texture or for 36 hours at 63º to achieve extra-smooth ribs.

If you don't have much time, the first option is more than acceptable, but if you can plan your meal in advance, the 36-hour cook is undoubtedly the winner: the meat comes off the bone completely and is extremely soft and tasty.


For 2 persons
  • Pork ribs 1 kg
  • Sweet paprika 40 g
  • Brown sugar 40 g
  • Salt 30 g
  • Teaspoon ground black pepper 1
  • Tablespoon dried oregano 1
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Tablespoons garlic powder 2

How to make barbecue ribs at low temperature

Difficulty: medium
  • Total time

Ask your butcher to prepare the rib cut into pieces of between 15 and 20 centimeters so that it fits well in the vacuum bags. A one kilo rib should fit you in two bags without problems and is perfect for two hungry people (three or even four, if it is not a single dish)

In the marinade the important thing is the proprciones, there should be 1/3 of a glass of paprika, 1/3 of a glass of brown sugar and 1/4 of a glass of salt. Combine these spices with the pepper, garlic powder and oregano in a bowl and mix well. If you have a spice grinder (worth one of coffee) you can mix them with their help to obtain a finer dressing, but it is not strictly necessary. Spread the ribs well with the dressing, which will stick to them. Put the ribs in the bags and proceed to empty them.

Place the circulator in a pot, heat the water and, once the desired temperature has been reached, place the ribs in a vacuum and set the timer. They should be cooked at 12 hours at 74º to achieve a firmer texture or for 36 hours at 63º to make them ultra soft. Remember that, if you do not have a recent one with a lid, in such long cooks the water will evaporate little by little, and you should add more throughout the process (although you can be perfectly eight hours or more without monitoring the matter) .

Once the cooking is finished, you can cool the bags in ice water to finish the ribs in the oven at another time - they will hold well in the fridge for five days - or cook them directly.

Either at the moment or in a few days, when you are going to eat your ribs, preheat the oven to 150º, open the bags and dry the meat well with kitchen paper to remove all the water they have released. Smear them well with barbecue sauce - it is best to bet on a homemade sauce, but if you opt for a commercial sauce, the best are those of American brands - and bake the ribs directly on the rack. To avoid staining the oven with the sauce, place a tray covered with aluminum foil underneath.

After half an hour the ribs will have browned with the sauce and are ready to eat. If you like them with more sauce you can add a little more in the middle of baking, although it is not necessary.

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