Cold cucumber and avocado cream for a sunny day: quick recipe with and without Thermomix


I tried making this recipe for cold cucumber and avocado cream thinking that I might not publish it if we didn't like it, but I highly recommend it, especially now that hot days are coming. I really liked the contrast of flavors and really the result is the most refreshing.

For recipes like this, where you have to crush ice, the Thermomix is ​​an invaluable help. If you prepare it with another food processor, use one that is very powerful, if you do not substitute the ice cubes for cold water, the result will be a little less thick but just as delicious.


For 4 people
  • Avocado peeled and chopped 200 g
  • Peeled and diced cucumber 200 g
  • Very cold water 150 ml
  • Ice cubes 150 g
  • Garlic clove 1
  • Lemon juice 20 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 20 g
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Chopped fresh parsley, 1 tablespoon
  • Toasted sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon

How to make cold cucumber avocado cream

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 10 m
  • Elaboration 10 m

If we do it with the Thermomix, we put the avocado, the cucumber, the water, the ice cubes, the peeled garlic clove, the lemon juice, the olive oil, the salt and the pepper in the glass and crush 1 min. / speed 10.

If we prepare this recipe without the Thermomix, we put the same ingredients in a powerful food processor and blend until everything is together.

In both preparations, we serve immediately, decorating each portion with chopped parsley and toasted sesame. If we can't serve right away, we'd better keep it in the fridge to keep it cold.

With what to accompany the cold cucumber and avocado cream

I served this recipe for cold cucumber and avocado cream as I have explained it to you, but you can vary the sesame and parsley if you fancy more other ingredients, for example chia seeds, coriander or chopped nuts. You already know that in variety is taste.

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