Vegan crepes filled with green curry, tinto de verano and more in Directo al Paladar México


Are you already enjoying your summer holidays? July and August are the months we look forward to during the rest of the year as they usually coincide with a few days off from our usual tasks. In any case, like every Monday, and as I'm sure many of you are already on vacation or with one foot in them, we are going to go to the kitchens of Directo al Paladar México to remember some recipes that we can cook these days.

In summer, meals are lighter and less complicated. That is why we can take the opportunity to prepare dishes that help us pass the heat and do not leave us feeling heavy. Our Mexican colleagues have followed this premise in recent days, and their cookbook shows the season with fresher dishes that they want to share on the beach or on a picnic under a good shade.

In my family, pizzas are one of the "official" dishes because my children would not go without eating it every week. As they are so versatile, they can be prepared with almost any ingredient, which makes them the ideal recipe to please everyone, being perfect for both a lunch and a dinner. Their Italian origin has transcended borders, and each country has adapted them to their gastronomic culture and preferences, in the case of Mexico it is not uncommon to find them with beans, avocado or jalapeño pepper.

Although many times, for convenience, we can order it to take away, making them at home with our own ingredients is always a really satisfying experience, so you will be interested in knowing how to make homemade pizza dough. This recipe is about a basic version of the dough. Knowing how to make pizza dough is so important both for its usefulness and for the fact that it is truly very simple.

Another basic recipe, ideal for summer days are crepes, which have become a fairly common dish in restaurants and cafes around the world. Although most of the time we usually prepare them sweet, lately the options that are becoming the most successful are salty crepes, mainly because there are a lot of combinations.

These vegan crepes filled with green curry are an original and healthy recipe that you will surely love. The dough is a combination of wheat flour, chickpea flour and curry, which has a spectacular flavor. The filling is a vegan recreation of the traditional Thai green curry, where the flavor of spices and vegetables predominates. The creamy texture is due to the coconut milk. Do not be scared by the long list of ingredients, because despite this it is a fairly simple recipe to prepare.

What would a summer meal be without one of its characteristic drinks. When the temperature rises, or if we are on vacation at the beach or in a warm place, red wine can be a bit out of tune, since red and heat are not always the best friends. That is why it is more common to lose white or rosé wine, or take the opportunity to prepare some refreshing mixes and cocktails that allow us to enjoy without the alcohol hitting us too much.

The video recipe that our colleagues have prepared this week is that of tinto de verano, a summer classic that is often prepared in Iberian lands and which is basically a simpler and lighter version of sangria. This fresh and fruity cocktail will surely surprise purists who do not conceive that red can be mixed with these types of ingredients. However, it must be taken for what it is, a shaker preparation that allows us to drink the red wine in a less formal way.

As a result of this summer's World Cup, there is a lot of talk about Croatia, a country that stands out in the world of gastronomy for the quality of its wines and for having the best truffles in the world. Taking advantage of this eventuality, our colleagues have prepared a goulash and a quinoa salad with salmon. Croatian cuisine stands out for its diversity, so it is impossible to single out a single typical dish, but goulash would be among the most typical.

Goulash is a thick meat soup, which is usually prepared with paprika and other spices; Originally from medieval Hungary, it is very popular in central Europe. In the Republic of Croatia it is also highly appreciated, being considered part of its traditional cuisine; in some versions it includes mushrooms, bacon, and vegetables like carrots and peppers.

In summer, even the desserts are lightened. Jellies are one of the richest and freshest homemade desserts out there, so they are ideal for hot days. They have a tradition deeply rooted in Mexican culture, but over the years the tradition of making jellies at home has been lost, and it has been decided to buy them already made. This bicolor white chocolate and strawberry jelly is a delicious proposal to experiment with flavors in our kitchens.

And we finish the review of the recipes that our colleagues have prepared this last week, with an interesting proposal for those who have a hard time thinking about what to cook every day: 5 complete menus for the whole week that will surely come in handy to organize your daily meals and it will make you less lazy to get into the kitchen.

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