Croissants with gratin pears


To surprise in a breakfast or snack, and of course, also in a dessert, you can make these croissants with au gratin pears, we were surprised by their originality and we loved their flavor.

The ingredients 4 croissants, 4 half pears in syrup, 70 grams of chopped almonds, a pinch of butter and 6 large tablespoons of condensed milk.

The preparation Toast the chopped almonds in a frying pan with a pinch of butter and mix them with the condensed milk. Open the croissants as if you were making a sandwich and drizzle them lightly with the syrup from the pears. Then fillet the pears and cover the croissants.

Spread the condensed milk with almonds over the pears and gratin the croissants in the oven until golden brown.

The tasting Crispy and juicy, a combination that you will repeat.

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