Croquettes, our friends


Oh, the croquettes! First I must explain that of "Croquettes, our friends". Really the whole post, it explains the title, but I can sum it up in a plain and simple, who doesn't like croquettes? From the smallest to the oldest, croquettes are surely one of the dishes or recipes that we like the most. Some are fish (cod, hake, monkfish, etc.), others are meat (chicken, veal, ham, etc.) and others are cheese, or mushrooms (boletus, mushrooms, etc.), there are a thousand and one and all great, friendly, in short the croquettes, they are our friends.

The most advantageous thing about croquettes is that we can use the remains of other meals. That we have leftover roast chicken, because we use the meat for some croquettes. That we have leftover that ham stuck to the bone, because we use it for some croquettes. The same with fish, other birds, etc.

In addition, the creamy béchamel filling and the flavor of the ingredient make the croquettes a real delicacy quite easy to make, and also the golden fry is something that makes them attractive to everyone's eyes.

Peculiarities in depth of the croquettes. How to make the croquettes in a correct way?

To make the croquettes in a correct way, you have to follow some very simple steps. They can be made from bechamel sauce or German sauce, one or the other must be quite thick. And it should never be at the cost of loading it with flour, since the only thing that we will achieve is loading the final flavor of the product in addition to obtaining a sauce that is very thin to the touch and taste. The way to get it to thicken is to cook the sauce for at least 10 or 15 minutes, that way it will reduce and thicken.

Another fundamental aspect to make the croquettes correctly is that it is made in advance and that the dough obtained from the sauce is perfectly cold when the croquettes are to be molded.

The shapes and sizes that we will make will be the ones we want, but they must be medium and regular sizes. We cannot make cylindrical croquettes, some large and others small. The result of frying would be uneven. Likewise, we cannot make a cylindrical croquette and another with a pear or square shape. Or we make them all pear-shaped or cylindrical ... The point is to make them all the same, and that is obtained with practice.

Another important aspect is that of the oil, it is necessary to use oils that withstand high temperatures and for a long duration. We must also ensure that there is an abundant amount so that the croquettes are bathed in it and above all it must be quite hot. Then it only remains to drain them well and dry them on paper.

And how do you make croquettes?

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