What is the biggest pumpkin you have seen?


A brief piece of news informs us about the collection in a town of Murcia of a giant pumpkin, no less than 30 kilos of this fruit. You can see the upper image in which we appreciate the pumpkin feast that they will have in their pantry, because with this food they will be able to prepare many preserves for later use.

What has most surprised the growers is that this pumpkin has grown in a small garden that they had not worked for a long time, but by chance they bought some seeds with their grandchildren and they were the ones who planted them.

Is it the fertile reserve of the earth or the little hands and hopes of the children who have made it grow?

But looking for more information we found that in Cuba an even larger pumpkin was recently collected, its weight, 40 kilos and 1 meter in diameter.

This squash grew on soil made up of pig and rabbit faeces, and without the use of chemicals.

Although we read in the news that last year a larger and heavier one was grown on the island, although the record for the largest pumpkin was found in the United States.

Do you want to see the largest we have found? With the dimensions that can be seen in the image you can already imagine, 109 kilos (this is not lifted).

This pumpkin is from last year and was grown in the Extremaduran town of Pallares. We believe that after this, if it is not overcome it is better to forget to publish news of giant pumpkins. Surely many of you do have a garden, you have achieved one of large dimensions, and it is that they have that characteristic and many benefits. We will talk about them shortly.

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