What has been your gastronomic discovery this year? the question of the week


We have already passed the first big rounds of these parties and we are heading hopelessly towards the end of the year, with all that that entails. The most typical of these dates is to look back and take stock of the year that is going away, at the same time that we look towards the next, and remember the moments and experiences that have marked us the most.

We can make lists of many themes with the best of the year, but personally what interests us most is, of course, the gastronomic aspect of your 2014. What do you remember most strongly? Have you tried a new restaurant that is already one of your favorites? Did you succeed with any special recipe? Have you gotten hooked on a new product? Have you become adept at any culinary fad?

What has been your gastronomic discovery this year?

I do not feel a great change with the arrival of the New Year, but I do like to remember the best that the year that is ending has given me. I think for me it has been the year of the rediscovery of the most traditional homemade meals, of leaving my most typical legumes and cereals, and curiously I have been hooked on avocado like never before. And you? What discovery or experience do you keep? As always, we appreciate that you leave us your participation in the section of Direct to the Paladar Answers, and not in the comments of this post.

What will your Christmas Eve menu be? Last week's question

Seven days ago we had our sights set on the imminent Christmas Eve and that is why I wanted to browse by asking about the menus of your houses. Some of you reminded us that not in all regions it is celebrated as a great family banquet, since other Christmas days are more important, but the most voted answer has been that of dodiguito, who shared with us his menu:

Red shrimp carpaccio, with its cream, scallop and trout roe Crab with albariño foam Foie in four presentations Tapita de Ventresca and pipirrana mayonnaise Argentine tenderloin with red fruits and 90% cocoa shavings And for dessert .... well, Christmas sweets ..

Ready to say goodbye to the year? Encourage us to take a look back to review your gastronomic 2014 and participate with us by leaving your comment Direct to the Paladar Answers. This time I say goodbye to the section, since one of my colleagues will return next Friday with a new Question of the week.

Image | L.C. Nottaasen
Directly to the Palate Answers | What has been your gastronomic discovery this year?

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