Four recipes by Diego Guerrero in DSTAgE. Cooking workshop

You already know that we love it when we have the opportunity to learn with great cooks. For this reason, when the Cosentino brand invited us to participate in a cooking workshop given by Diego Guerrero in which he would teach us four recipes at his DSTAgE restaurant, we were delighted to agree.

Taking advantage of the fact that the restaurant is closed on Mondays, we were able to participate with him and some members of his kitchen team in a very complete class in which we learned how to prepare some of his most successful recipes, the details of which we will tell you below.

The workshop took place at DSTAgE, Diego Guerrero's new restaurant, which in its 8 months since it opened, has already achieved a Michelin star, a Repsol sun and two M from the Metropolis Guide.

The place, designed by Diego and his team, is a very comfortable restaurant, very homely, in which the kitchen and the living room are integrated and modern materials are used for the different surfaces. This is the case of the Dekton from the Cosentino brand, which was the material chosen by the chef for the worktops, the surface of the "pass" and the workshop that he has in the lower floor area.

Four recipes by Diego Guerrero on dSTAgE

In the workshop, we prepare a snack (crispy shrimp), a first course (Torrija de pan tumaca with smoked sardine), a main course (shoulder of suckling lamb with tandoori crumble) and for dessert, his famous creation called "La Pecera ".

Shrimp snack

To make this snack, with the appearance of crunchy crusts, you have to make overcooked rice, cooking it until it is overcooked. For this rice to have a lot of flavor, it is cooked in a broth made with prawn heads and coral instead of in water.

Then the rice is crushed and a paste is made, which is spread on a parchment paper and sprinkled with the shrimp. Then it is dried in the oven for a few hours at 80º. It gently peels off the paper and is ready to fry in hot oil.

As a reaction to the heat, the rice pasta puffs and twists and is very crispy and full of flavor. It is very good both alone and spread in a creamy sauce made in the foam siphon with yogurt and spices.

First course: Torrija de pan tumaca with smoked sardine

To make the torrija, a brioche bread cut into ingots is used that is moistened like all torrija in a liquid to achieve a soft texture. This liquid is a mixture of crushed tomato and canned with oil, garlic and rosemary, which is used by leaving the brioche pieces well soaked for a few hours.

Then the torrijas are made on the grill, gilding them on all sides until the surface is well browned. They are covered with a sheet of bacon and the sardine loins cured in sugar and salt for an hour and a half and covered with smoke oil are placed on it.

The assembly of the dish is finished with a honey vinaigrette that is added on top and decorated with a basil leaf, some buds and some flowers. A simple but full of flavor dish that is already a classic in DSTAgE.

Main Course: Shoulder of suckling lamb with Tandoori crumble

To make the lamb, the shoulder is cut into two halves and cooked in a vacuum for 36 hours at 63ºC in a bag with garlic, rosemary, Añana salt and oil. Once the lamb is cooked, it is boned carefully so that it maintains its shape and with the cooking juices and the bones that are roasted in the oven, a sauce is made.

For the tandoori crumble, a dough is prepared by mixing wheat flour and ground almonds with sugar on the one hand and an emulsion of butter, lime, ginger, cayenne and coriander on the other. Once mixed, a dough is made that is stretched in a source and dried in the oven.

To assemble the plate, the crumble is crushed in a mortar and a circle is formed on the plate. Decorate with cucumber flowers, leaves and shoots and put a string of lime yogurt lassi, filling the circle with the sauce or meat juice. It is covered with the lamb passed through the pan to caramelize the outside and it is polished with a spoon of sauce. A truly spectacular dish.

Dessert. Fishbowl

This is a classic Diego Guerrero dessert in which the seabed is recreated inside a fish tank. Is a mousse of cream and sugar with a series of preparations to create the effect, such as dark chocolate mussels, white chocolate coral covered with freeze-dried raspberry powder or a minnow with a cloud or mashmallow texture.

The preparation is completed by laborious and delicate green coral formations or "churros de mar" and a blue curaçao foam. A beautiful dish that ended the cooking workshop and the food that we enjoyed with chef Diego Guerrero at his local DSTAgE.

With such a good presentation of Diego Guerrero's cuisine in this workshop of four recipes, we have been wanting more and we signed up as pending the visit to the restaurant to know its tasting menu, which continues to triumph in Madrid, which is proven by the list Waiting for dinner on weekends, which lasts until August.

DSTAgE restaurant

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