Cubes with color and flavor


When it comes to presenting a cocktail or a soft drink to your friends, you will gain originality if you prepare the ice cubes with a touch of color and flavor.

Each drink can have its own designer cube. My friends were very amused when I served the vermouth, the originality of this was that the stuffed olives were in the heart of the cube (of course, the homemade cubes fall apart before those sold in bags, so they can later be eaten ).

Many times we are annoyed that drinks lose their flavor because the cube turns into water. To have a tea with all its flavor, there is nothing better than freezing some of the tea that you have prepared beforehand in an ice bucket. When it comes to drinking it cold, you just have to use these cubes. You will see that you will taste it better. As simple as this is to prepare the cubes for the cubalibre that you are going to drink. You can make cubes with pineapple, orange, lemon ... giving it color and preventing the drink from being watery. Let your imagination satisfy your palate and try it with the most appropriate ingredient for your drink.

Another option is to make ice cubes to refresh cold soups or gazpachos. Color them with a little food coloring, or better yet with vegetable soup or fruit smoothies.

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