Body and mind, a dish that evokes women


At the beginning of the year, the 45th edition of a fashion fair of the Cibeles Catwalk took place, in which fashion and gastronomy were combined, up to 35 designers showed their collections in the 29 shows that were held. Among the designers was Andrés Sardá, a renowned Catalan underwear designer.

Well, in this contest each designer captured their collections and a chef inspired by them transformed them into gastronomic creations. The one belonging to Andrés Sardá was captured on the plate by the excellent chef of the Ars Vivendi group, Rosi García Manso, who has provided us with what the collection of this great designer evoked in him. We remind you in passing that the marriage between designers and chefs will be reflected in a book that will appear on the market shortly.

Here we show you the dish created by the chef and the explanation she provides regarding her creation entitled Body and mind.

Rosi García was inspired by the collection shown on the catwalk, the garments were suggestive, sensual and with transparencies, the chef managed to capture these qualities on her plate. The foods most used and associated with suggestion, eroticism or sexuality are shellfish, oysters, grapes, strawberries or chocolate among others, these were the possible foods that could be used. From all of them, the oyster was selected, this central ingredient represents women on the plate.

Now the woman had to be dressed, for this the oyster is wrapped in something that is light and at the same time transparent, Rosi used tomato water jelly forming a pyramid that enclosed the oyster (woman) and topped with a little caviar of Beluga. Inside this gelatin pyramid we can see that there are also herbs, dill, chervil and fine chives tips, this set is in charge of decorating the woman's body and, as in the fashion show, it is It evoked the atmosphere of the 20s, where women were adorned with feathers, herbs performed this function.

The plate needs to be rounded and for this there is nothing better than various turned and smooth (crunchy) vegetables and tubers. All these elements present semicircular shapes representing the roundness of women. All this placed on a champagne cream that covers the bottom of a transparent glass plate so that all the elements of the plate can be observed. A few grains of peta zetas are also added to this fine sauce (those effervescent granules that explode on contact with the palate), to each spoonful of sauce a soft explosion of flavor will envelop the diner's mouth.

The explanation that the chef gave us surprised us and we could see that behind the dish there were great doses of inspiration, creativity and genius. We greatly appreciate the kindness of the cook and the explanation provided about her great creation.

More information | Presidency of the Community of Madrid

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