Cylinda, metal design by Arne Jacobsen


Notice, only suitable for nostalgic and design lovers. These tableware seem fresh from the studio of a modern designer, but in reality they are more than forty years old, and despite this they are still valid. This collection of kitchenware is called Cylinda and its creator is Arne Jacobsen, a famous Danish architect.

It has many elements, both for breakfast, with a coffee maker, milk jug, kettle and sugar bowl, as well as for the table, with a sober set of salad bowl and shovels, salt and pepper shakers and a jug of water. And to show off in the field of cocktails, the bar set with the essential cocktail shaker, a serving tray, tongs, ice bucket and ashtray.

They are for sale on the Internet, and their prices are not low, but it must be borne in mind that they are exclusive pieces with history. To get an idea, the salad bowl is worth 215 euros and the sugar bowl is priced at 59 euros.

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