Dani García will open Leña in Madrid, in the place that was occupied by the two Michelin stars Santceloni (which will be moved to another space)


Dani García takes up the pulse of Madrid's restoration. If a few months ago you landed with Dani, your brasserie inside the brand new Four Seasons, now it is the turn of Leña, his steakhouse - which in Marbella converted the scene of Dani García (his late three Michelin stars) - to do the same in the capital, sources close to the chef confirm.

The grill and meat proposal of the Malaga chef will land in the place he occupied until before the pandemic Santceloni (one of the five two Michelin stars in Madrid) run by Óscar Velasco, within the Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid.

Weighed down by a 2020 without tourist influx and with the workforce in ERTE since March (Santceloni is on the hotel's payroll), the foreseeable reopening of Santceloni (which had been announced on September 17) has been postponed throughout the year until finally not see the light.

Does Santceloni close? Not at the beginning. Its opening is scheduled for 2021, but not as it was known until now: neither in space, nor in capacity. And it also remains to be seen whether with his entire staff because, for example, sommelier David Robledo has headed to the Ambivium restaurant in Valladolid, owned by the Pago de Carraovejas winery.

With this new opening in the medium term, Dani García places his fifth leg in Madrid, after BiBo, Lobito de Mar, Brasserie, La Gran Familia Mediterránea and now Leña, whose opening date is unknown and which means a resounding commitment from the Malaga chef to recover the capital with its various formats.

More unknowns loom over Santceloni. Sources from the hotel company have specified to specialized media that "Santceloni is a Hesperia brand" and that "an exclusive space in the hotel, reducing its capacity and taking a step forward to adapt to the new context", according to what was collected by Gastroeconomy, but it will be necessary to see what its expected reopening is.

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