Decorative resin plates with real food


Surely almost everyone has a decorative object at home with the shape or image of a meal or a gastronomic product. Possibly we can say that as a result of pop art design and art in general began to treat food and processed foods as a valid theme for different creations. But some designers have wanted to go further, as in these decorative resin plates made with real food.

The American designer Steph Mantis, known for her animal-shaped magnets, has focused her latest creations on the culinary world. It has managed to enclose in transparent plates two of the most popular examples of processed food in the world, pizza and sweets and candies.

The Brooklyn-based author grew up in Maine where her family has owned a pizzeria for years. She claims to be obsessed with pizza herself, to the point that it occurred to her to use her artistic creativity to honor her favorite food, pepperoni pizza.

This is how he began to experiment with his father's own pizza to be able to capture it in a material that would allow it to be preserved indefinitely without spoiling. To do this, he subjects the pizza slices to several hours of dehydration, applies a chemical treatment and immerses them in liquid resin, which hardens when it dries.

After the success achieved by its pizza plates, more recently it has launched another series made this time with gummies and colored candies. Conceived as coasters, the color of the sweets creates a very attractive effect that is undoubtedly ideal for use at parties or barbecues in the garden.

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