Let the robots cook for you thanks to Cazando Gangas


With the heat this summer does not feel like much in the kitchen. Fortunately, technology has evolved a lot and we have more and more appliances to help us, from simple mixers to real robots that do almost all the work.

How? You still don't have any of that at home? Don't worry, relax and let the robots cook for you thanks to this selection of offers that we have prepared for you in our Hunting Bargains section.

The best offers on kitchen machines

  • Let's start with the mixers, which although they are the most modest kitchen machines, take up little space, are cheap and fulfill many functions. The most irresistible price is the Saivod HB-1913 stand mixer with glass, which costs 16.15 euros at El Corte Inglés, with a 44% discount. If we are looking for something more complete, with rods and chopper, then the Bosch MSM67170 is a good option: it costs 44.54 euros with a 53% discount on Amazon.

  • For those who want a more complete food processor, with many blades and accessories, then something like the Philips HR7762, whose price is 80.99 euros on Amazon (21% discount), or perhaps the Bosch Master Chef MCM42024 is better. For 84.15 euros with a 34% discount at El Corte Inglés, of course, for the most demanding, the Bosch MCM68840 may seduce them, which costs 159.99 euros at Redcoon with a 43% discount.

  • We now turn to the mixers, although most also serve as food processors. One with a very attractive price is the Bosch MUM54420, which we can find for 194.65 euros both on Amazon and El Corte Inglés.

  • The programmable pots are also very practical, which allow us to forget about worrying about cooking times and let the appliance do all the work. In the economic part we have models such as the Savoid Ideal Chef, which right now costs 50.15 euros at El Corte Inglés with a 36% discount. Of course, if we have something with a more careful design and advanced functions in mind, then we may be interested in the Moulinex Cookeo, which can be obtained for 155 euros both on Amazon and Media Markt.

  • Finally we come to the kitchen robots par excellence, those that chop, stir and cook at the same time. Thermomix type, to explain it succinctly. An inexpensive option is the Taurus Robot Cuisine, not as complete as the rest, but with an attractive price: 250 euros in Media Markt. Its older sister, the Taurus MyCook, can also be obtained at an interesting price: 560.15 euros at El Corte Inglés, while the Moulinex Cuisine Companion, another complete alternative, marks 665 euros at Redcoon
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