From the market to home with Darío Barrio


We all like to live unparalleled experiences, the kind that give you the feeling of thinking: this is priceless. Well, a few days ago I had the opportunity to experience one of them, which with the name Del mercado a casa, allowed me to go shopping with Darío Barrio and then accompany him to his restaurant and participate in an interesting tapas workshop.

This initiative is part of a series of experiences of all kinds grouped under the name of Priceless Madrid, which continue with those already carried out in other cities of the world such as New York, London, Toronto, Sydney and many others, in which it is possible to live these types of activities.

There are all kinds of them, not only gastronomic, but there are experiences around the world of Art and Culture, Beauty or Sports, among others, and they have been organized for their holders, the Master Card Spain credit card. On this occasion, I was lucky enough to take part in this gastronomic activity at Priceless Madrid.

The event started at the door of the San Antón Market where the ten attendees met with the representatives of the brand and with chef Darío Barrio. In a relaxed atmosphere, we went around the market, buying some ingredients and chatting about each other's preferences.

We talked about the fish that we liked the most, how to distinguish the most fresh ones and we continued towards vegetables, meats and other products. On the tour, we had the good humor and sympathy of Darío Barrio who helped us have a good time.

Later, with the purchase already made, we went to his restaurant Dassa Bassa, where a welcome cocktail was waiting for us. We immediately got down to work because the experience continued with a tapas workshop in which we were going to participate.

Once the group was organized, each one began to prepare the different tapas according to the sample that Darío made to try to emulate him as best as possible. We did half nights Gildas and Gourmet tapas, for which we use different techniques and utensils.

After the tapas workshop, we went up to the top of the restaurant where another interesting workshop began, this time dedicated to cocktails, where we learned how to prepare some and of course we had the opportunity to taste them.

But the plan did not end there, since after the visit to the San Antón Market and the two workshops, the night could only end with a dinner prepared by Darío Barrio and his team and which we enjoyed in the lounge of his restaurant. As you can see, it was a very complete experience, one of which is priceless.

These types of activities and other similar ones are those that the Priceless Madrid program is organizing for their cardholders, and in addition to this one with Darío Barrio, there are guided visits to Museums, shopping trips with a personal shopper while a babysitting service is available. take care of the children and many others who are more palatable.

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