From nougat to polvorón, what are the healthiest Christmas sweets?

We are getting closer to Christmas and we begin to surround ourselves with typical sweets of this season. Although it would always be good to remove sugars from the diet and reduce the intake of processed or ultra-processed foods, today we analyze from nougat to polvorón and show you which are the healthiest Christmas sweets.

The Nutrients and Calories of Christmas Candy

In order to order the Christmas sweets most consumed at the end of the year parties from best to worst, below we analyze the main nutrients and calories of the different specimens, per 100 grams:

Calories Hydrates Of which sugars Protein Fats Fiber Jijona nougat 533 46 g 44 g 13.2 g 31.1 g 8.2 g Toasted egg yolk nougat 465 51 g 50.5 g 11 g 24 g 2.5 g Hard nougat 550 40 g 30 g 13 g 36 g 7 g Chocolate nougat 532 59 g 48 g 5 g 31 g 1 g Marzipan 503 58.7 g 50 g 8 g 24.9 g 6 g Polvoron 493 61 g 23 g 8.2 g 23.6 g 2.9 g Marquesas 450 47.5 g 30 g 10 g 22.5 g 2.5 g Peladillas 439 73 g 71 g 6.5 g 13.5 g 9 g Wine roscos 515 65 g 26 g 6.9 g 25 g 0.8 g Roscón de reyes 359 59.5 g 24.75 g 7 g 11.1g 1.4 g

As we can see, the great and immense majority of Christmas sweets are full of free sugars such as honey or white sugar that is added to them to give flavor, consistency or even color, as is the case of the dragees that are made candied.

In some cases, in addition to sugar, we find refined flours that are also carbohydrates that are easily digested and that we should avoid in our daily diet if we want to take care of health, and many of them have fiber in appreciable amounts, especially if they include nuts in their preparation. .

Regarding the fats in Christmas sweets, those that include almonds, peanuts or other nuts have mostly unsaturated fats that are good for the body, while polvorones, roscos de vino, roscones and roasted egg nougat have mostly saturated fats derived from the first cases of the lard that include and in the last case, of the egg yolk.

Depending on the product we choose, we can also find trans fats that it is recommended to limit as much as possible or palm oil that is even more harmful than lard.

Although Christmas sweets do not stand out for their nutritional quality, we will try to make a ranking with all the options analyzed.

The healthiest Christmas sweets

Given that the largest proportion of Christmas sweets have high amounts of added sugars and fats in their composition, we have chosen as the healthiest those with mainly unsaturated fats and a higher protein content as well as fiber.

Also among the top positions in our ranking are Christmas sweets with less sugar and refined flours in their composition:

Position 1 to 3: sweets with less sugar and more good fats

Given that we should reduce the intake of added sugars to the maximum, if we must order the different alternatives of Christmas sweets from best to worst, we would say that in the first three positions are:

Market Stall



Hard nougat


Jijona nougat



All the alternatives include almonds in their composition and for this reason they have a high proportion of fiber, their fats are mostly unsaturated and they provide vegetable proteins that satisfy along with the fiber.

The marquesas, although they have a lower proportion of sugar than the Jijona nougat, include refined flours so they provide more hydrates and less fiber and therefore occupy the third place among the healthiest Christmas sweets.

Position 4 to 6: sweets with more protein and fiber

In the following three positions of our ranking that seeks to describe the healthiest Christmas sweets, we have chosen those that, like those that occupy the first three positions, have more proteins and fiber that allow the body to satiate, but that unlike the previous ones, they can include poor quality fats and sugars in high proportions.

Positions 4 to 6 are occupied by:

Market Stall







Toasted egg yolk nougat

Both marzipan and dragees offer a high proportion of protein and fiber, and the best thing, their fats are mostly unsaturated, while the toasted yolk nougat combines sugars and saturated fats as well as cholesterol that the previous sweets did not have.

The less healthy sweets: full of sugars and refined flours

In the last positions of our ranking that orders the Christmas sweets from more to less healthy, we find those specimens that do not satiate because they do not provide protein or fiber and that are also full of sugars and refined flours. In addition, among these sweets we find all specimens that do not have unsaturated fats in their composition.

The least healthy sweets are:

Market Stall





Roscón de Reyes


Wine roscos


Chocolate nougat

All these options offer added sugars, lower quality fats than that provided by the Christmas sweets in the top positions and also, they have almost no fiber or protein which are the best nutrients of the sweets analyzed, therefore, they take the last positions and the least healthy sweets for this Christmas are polvorones, roscón de Reyes, wine donuts and chocolate nougat.

Among the less healthy Christmas sweets we can also find chocolates and derivatives such as chocolates or similar and we always remember that nuts are good alternatives to add to the Christmas table, therefore, among the healthiest sweets are those that include almonds or peanuts in His composition.

And if we make our own Christmas sweets we can achieve even healthier alternatives, with fewer additives, better quality fats and more nutrients that our body needs, therefore, this Christmas we try to get to work at home to achieve a healthier menu and of higher nutritional quality.

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