Vegan delicacies. Recipe book


You don't have to be vegan to enjoy this cookbook. Vegan delights conquer from the first recipe and the photographs of the dishes, free of ingredients of animal origin and the work of Becky Lawton, are so appetizing that you want to get into the kitchen to prepare them all at once.

The author of this book, Toni Rodríguez, is a vegan chef who currently runs Lujuria Vegana, a one hundred percent vegetable pastry firm that is currently a world benchmark in vegan gastronomy.Who said that to get delicious cakes you have to use ingredients of animal origin?

Before starting with the recipes, Rodríguez exposes the guidelines of the philosophy that governs his diet and his way of life, what it means to be vegan, the reasons for being vegan and how to start, the list of the most used ingredients, or the most interesting. After that, the recipes are arranged in the following chapters: first, second and dessert, a total of 80 recipes.

In short, Vegan Delights is a book that I recommend whatever your gastronomic creed, the recipes are well explained, they are easy to prepare and do not use ingredients that are difficult to find. green tea cupcakes and maple syrup?

Vegan delicacies

Toni Rodriguez
Editorial Oceáno Ambar
ISBN 978-84-7556-771-6
Price 21'90 euros

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