Delicious fruit salad with lactose free strawberry yogurt sauce. Recipe


Would you like to have a snack on this dish that I present this afternoon? Right? It can also serve as a dessert or energy breakfast on Saturday or Sunday, when we have a lot of free time. It is a mixed fruit salad dressed with lactose-free strawberry yogurt sauce.

The preparation is really simple since the only ingredients that we may not have in the pantry / refrigerator are yogurts (write them down on the shopping list) and coconut milk (which can be substituted for any other vegetable drink). Otherwise you only have to resort to some pieces of the seasonal fruits that you like the most.

I will explain it to you in more detail,

Ingredients for four people):

  • For the fruit salad: two pears of the 'ercolina' or 'blanquilla' variety, half a melon (small size) of the 'Piel de Sapo' variety, 400 grams of dry apricots and a piece of watermelon.

Other seasonal fruits like cherries, peaches or (within a few weeks) grapes are also worth it.

  • For the sauce: two Kaiku lactose-free strawberry yogurts, 300 grams of strawberries, two tablespoons of brown sugar and 100 centiliters of coconut milk.

How we prepare the fruit salad with lactose-free strawberry yogurt sauce:

You are going to see how enjoying a tasty and complete snack has hardly any secrets, and you also ensure a good supply of vitamins and calcium. First we wash the pears and apricots and reserve them, we must also cut the melon and watermelon into squares (after having removed the skin). We will peel the pears and cut them in half, after removing the seeds, we can cut each of the resulting pieces into slices. Once the apricots are clean, we can also open them into two pieces and remove the pit.

Now we will have the freshly cut fruit on the tray where we are going to serve the salad and we will sprinkle it with lemon juice so that the pears and apricots do not blacken, we can cover them with kitchen plastic wrap and store them in the fridge.

We go with the sauce, first we wash the strawberries well, remove the stem and leaves and cut them into small pieces, cover and reserve. We must pour the yogurts in a large bowl and add the sugar, stirring well so that the mixture is bound, then we mix with the coconut milk (they have it in some supermarkets and large stores, but it can be worth almond milk - the flavor will be soft -, oatmeal - similar in density to coconut -, or even rice). The final consistency will depend on how thick the drink is, if it is not too liquid we will opt for coconut or oatmeal.

The final touch for an exquisite strawberry yogurt sauce are the strawberries that we can add little by little to the previous mixture.

We will serve the fruits accompanied by the sauce, the combination is surprising.

Processing time | 45 minutes Difficulty | Easy


  • Once we have poured the sauce over the fruits, it is convenient to eat immediately in order to be able to savor each of the ingredients, and thus the fruits will not become too soft.

  • If we are going to take it as a snack or dessert, we can distribute it into individual bowls, plates or bowls and accompany with sweet waffles, it will surely be very tasty.

Enjoy the salad because it is ideal for these hot afternoons

Macarena González is a mother who likes to get into the kitchen to prepare classic dishes, and also to experiment with new textures and flavors. She is convinced that food is a source of health, so every day she spends time choosing the best ingredients with which to prepare food for her family. She is an editor at Peques y Más.

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