Delirios, Javier Rodríguez's personal project with which he dazzles in León

Delirios is Javier Rodríguez's restaurant, a young chef who returned to León after having worked at Coque or La Terraza del Casino and according to what he tells us, it is his personal gastronomic project, a dream come true with which he has dazzled us in León.

The project arose in 2009, in a place located very close to the cathedral and after seven years, it moved to the new place with a bar and a room with which it is working perfectly, thanks to its dishes full of flavor, in which it reviews Leonese traditional cuisine, giving it a twist to update it.

In the Delirios restaurant, Javier's kitchen is committed to the quality of raw materials, ingredients from the market. They are traditional products with renewed elaborations, seeking to maintain the flavor of always and a modern presentation.

A very pleasant bar with tables to eat snacks -with its own menu for this need-, and a large cellar, give way to a room in which wooden tables without a cloth tablecloth give a modern and informal character to the place. It is when the food arrives, when you realize the quality of the restaurant where you are.

The gastronomic menu of Delirios

Valdeón cheese lollipops and tomato muffins, appetizers at Delirios

The gastronomic menu of Delirios is a very interesting menu, consisting of an aperitif, three starters, a fish dish, a meat and pre-dessert dish and a dessert, and it has a very accessible price, 37 euros the menu that reaches 50 euros if you want to drink with your pairing.

We started with the appetizers and starters, the first proposal being a marinated anchovy with apple slush, a dim sum of sautéed vegetables and a stew croquette. They are small and tasty bites that serve to whet your appetite.

Behind the tasty Valdeón cheese lollipops, and some red tomato muffins, which perhaps seem more like a pre-dessert than an appetizer, falling short of tomato flavor and the muffin batter being more noticeable, despite the dehydrated tomato on top.

Pardal-billed chickpeas sautéed with prawns and their crunchy

The two most interesting starters follow, an original Leonese Sandwich, which is an air-baguette covered with jerky and a veil of tomato, and after them the most spectacular dish, some chick peas sautéed with prawns and their crunchy flavor, So delicious, that it justifies the excursion to León by itself, if you travel from another area of ​​Spain.

Cod brandade salad, roasted red pepper, black olives and caviar

The fish dish is a salad of cod brandade, roasted red pepper, black olives and caviar with a crunchy skin that alternates flavors and textures, a very well prepared dish that is enjoyed from the beginning.

Roasted lamb with sautéed red cabbage and delirios pippin apple

As a meat dish, an ingot of lamb roasted at the moment with sautéed red cabbage and pippin apple, interesting, tasty and perfect to give way to desserts, ending the salty passes of the menu.

Delirios desserts

Bierzo goat cheese cream, hazelnuts and EVOO, from the Delirios restaurant

The desserts that Javier Rodríguez makes are based on a personal statement. I am a cook, not a pastry chef, he commented to Directo al Paladar. Perhaps for that reason it does not make desserts, but sweet cuisine, which is also very successful. In addition to the Bierzo goat cheese cream with hazelnuts and EVOO, the menu ends with another dessert, called Strawberries, Vanilla, Bourbon Barrel Beer and Caramel.

The pairing

For the tasting menu, very varied wines have been chosen. Fantastic among others, the Riestling, the Albarín and the original pairing with beer for the second dessert. To improve, the temperature of some wines that was not at its point.

In general, Delirios is one of those restaurants where you go out very happy - something that we sometimes miss - and that, in addition, has a very reasonable price, so it is a highly recommended visit for when you go on a trip or a getaway to León.

The worst: red tomato muffins that could be smaller in size and with a more intense flavor and the temperature of white wines.
The best: the sautéed pico pardal chickpeas, the sandwich from León and the excellent value for money.

Practical data
Where: C / Ramón y Cajal nº5 (León)
Average price: 50 euros, with wine.
Reservations: 987 237 699 and on its website

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