It is #DiaBizcocho Day and we have the 41 recipes with which you will not be too lazy to turn on the oven

Unless you are as geeks as I am, the normal thing in these dates and with these heats is to avoid using the oven as much as possible, because who risks heating the kitchen to the point of making it unbearable to enter it? Despite this, today we have set out to tempt you to infinity and beyond, since it is #DiaBizcocho and we have the 41 recipes with which you will not be too lazy to start the oven. We are sure that you will like any of our proposals enough to prepare it for a special breakfast this weekend.

Spending a day of the year on a recipe or a specific ingredient is a curious custom that little by little goes through our stoves. It is fun for me to discover these curious hashtags with proposals that I would not always think about if it were not for them. This is not the case with biscuits, because my oven always has a place for a new one, hot or cold. So now you know, we leave you with our list of biscuits, which is your favorite?

Sponge cakes with fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are one of the best ingredients that can be used to prepare a cake, I tell you from experience, because they add a lot of juiciness to the dough and also its flavor is not predominant in the final result, something very important especially if You have "expert palates" at home who reject anything that sounds healthy. Take advantage of the fact that we are in the ideal season to find both excellent fruits and vegetables, you will win.

  • Carrot and hazelnut sponge cake

  • Chestnut sponge cake

  • Carrot cake

  • Tigernut pulp sponge cake

  • Apple compote sponge cake

  • Wholemeal carrot, coconut and walnut sponge cake

  • Banana and walnut sponge cake

  • Apple, banana and spelled flour sponge cake

Chocolate cupcakes

Who does not like chocolate? I think it is the most desired ingredient to prepare a dessert, and the cakes do not escape this attraction. In the recipes we have chosen you can play with the variety of chocolate that you like the most: pure cocoa, milk, dried fruit, etc. The important thing is to adapt the recipe to our particular preferences. Surely you will get a delicious result.

  • Chocolate Cola Cake

  • Dark chocolate sponge cake with orange and orange marmalade

  • Chocolate and avocado fondant cake

  • Oreo biscuit cake

  • Guinness beer and cocoa sponge cake with cream cheese

Aromatic cupcakes

The aroma is a plus that you have to try to get from a sponge cake, that's why we thought it was interesting to propose some recipes that will tempt you even before leaving the oven. If you have young children at home, do not choose an option with liquor, with lemons and oranges you can get a very tempting aroma and you will avoid a little disappointment.

  • Almond and amaretto sponge cake

  • Sponge cakes of orange and lemon

  • Coconut milk sponge cake

  • Lemon anise sponge cake

  • Almond, mandarin and lemon sponge cake

  • Lime and vermouth sponge cake

  • Lemon and ricotta cheese sponge cake with poppy seeds

  • Cinnamon apple and walnut sponge cake


Even if you don't want to have too many molds in your kitchen, either because of personal choice or because you have little space, an elongated cake mold is almost essential. The advantage is that it pays a lot, so if you are a large family or have many guests, do not hesitate to choose this option because you will get many portions and you will also get an elegant presentation.

  • Avocado cake with yogurt and walnut frosting

  • Almond cake and strawberry jam

  • Hazelnut cake and Maria cookies

  • Piemontese hazelnut cake

  • Orange cake with orange icing

  • Honey and walnut cake

Traditional cupcakes

This section is one of my favorites within the biscuit recipes. I love making new recipes that I have tried on trips or that I discover in a specialized book or magazine, although the best thing is when a local person explains it to you, those recipes have to be kept as gold on cloth. In Directo al Paladar we have prepared some of these recipes and we love to share them with you.

  • Mallorcan cat

  • Coca from Valencian llanda

  • Majorcan rooms

  • Angel´s Food Cake

  • Victoria sponge cake

  • Biscuit Fabiola de Altea

  • Velez oil cake

  • Ciambella romagnola

  • Maimonón bun from Salamanca

Bundt Cakes

With the bundt cake molds a little happens what I told you before about the cake molds, but in this case, they are so beautiful! Depending on the model you choose, you will get beautiful shapes for your cakes, although you should always have the prevention of greasing them very very well, because in this way the dough will not stick to the mold and the result will be heart attack.

  • Double Chocolate Bundt Cake

  • Lemon Applesauce Bundt Cake

  • Orange, Almond, and Cinnamon Bundt Cake

  • Hazelnut, Yogurt & Cocoa Bundt Cake

  • Bundt cake with burnt yolk nougat

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