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Mauricio Wiesenthal is a German-born writer from Barcelona who has always been linked to the world of wine and its culture. Genius and figure where they are, he is a man of a great humanistic culture. He is considered one of the greatest Spanish experts on wine issues.

Hearing him speak, one notices the passion he feels for everything related to viticulture. And in writing too. He is the author of numerous books about wine and its cultural component.

One of them is this Salvat del Vino Dictionary. A very complete and interesting work that fell into my hands about a year ago. Since then it has become one of my bedside books.

It is of great help when you have doubts about a term related to wine, wineries, wine regions and important people in this world of wine. Even when I have nothing to do, I usually skim over it randomly. I always find an interesting entry.


Herbaceous.- Vegetable odors or aromas reminiscent of grass. It is characteristic of certain varieties, such as sauvignon blanc. It is considered a defect if it is excessive, caused by an ambitious pressing or by the presence of green tannins and essential oils in the wine. However, properly dosed green notes can add elegance and liveliness. In this same family of positive green notes, the lover of good wines will find very fine aromas: tobacco, green coffee, green pepper, asparagus, fern, black currant, ivy or walnut leaves, or fennel.

Which opens an interesting debate: when, at what moment, does an aromatic note in a wine go from virtue to defect?

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