Enjoy the Torta del Casar


We have been to the Degusta Hall in Barcelona, ​​after a long tour, we approached the Torta Del Casar stand, which was the first time it had been presented in this room and of course we bought a few. The representative of the house, gave us a series of tips to follow about this great cheese and gave us a little explanation to be able to taste it fully.

The Torta Del Casar must present a soft consistency every time we press it with our fingers, we must always keep it in the fridge for conservation. The appearance of mold on its bark is not a sign of poor quality and there is no need to worry, just scrape with a knife to remove it.

When you open the cheese and start its consumption, remember that it can be kept for up to 20 days in optimal conditions, but after this time, it will lose its creamy texture, although it may gain in flavor.In our case, we have bought three cakes, since the seller told us that we could freeze them and the cheese would not be damaged as long as we defrosted slowly. The idea was to be able to enjoy this exquisite cheese for a long time and this solution suited us very well.

Regarding its consumption, he explained to us that at a temperature of 21 degrees, the cheese is in its fullness to taste, therefore, it is preferable that you take it out of the fridge the day before. It is not advisable to heat the cheese in the microwave, since you can run the risk of melting it and thus losing many of its qualities.

To open it, it is like taking the lid off a jar. Help yourself with a blunt-tipped knife and you can spread the cheese on whatever you want, be it wood bread, toasts, even with breadsticks spreading inside. Once you're done, replace the lid for preservation.

Another option that he advised us was to cut the cheese into four parts when it is cold and wrap each part in food plastic, leaving the part that we are going to consume. In this way, you do not subject the cheese to continuous temperature changes and help to keep it well preserved longer.

Yesterday we opened the first of the three cheeses, we accompanied it with one of the wines we bought in the Degusta Room, it was a finger licking dinner.

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