Double expulsion in Masterchef, which leaves room for Boris Izaguirre and Anabel Alonso (who have more pull, period)


They say that Masterchef begins at 10:10 p.m., but in reality it starts almost half an hour later, after the endless summary and the rigorous time to mess with the way Los Chunguitos speak. They also say that it is a contest, but almost all the rules are arbitrary and applicants can enter and exit the program on a whim.

A good example of this was the first test, in which the contestants have chosen a partner to make a dessert, in kitchens divided by a wall.

The master chocolatier David Pallàs, a regular on the program, has brought a set of creations that the contestants have had to replicate. The sweets were more or less complex - they all combined various preparations - but, in addition, only one member of the couple had the recipe and saw the dessert that had to be made, and had to explain to their partner what to do. In addition, each one carried out his own.

As the contestants shout little, imagine yourself with a plywood in between. There is less noise inside a concrete mixer. The result, the expected one: an absolute disaster, with special mention to Juan Salazar's pineapple puree, which has passed the test for the lining. Only some of the applicants, who had seen the dessert, more or less managed, but the rest ... And for each suit of the chefs, there were beginning to be bites and, of course, whining.

Nobody here really knows how to cook, so hopefuls who have had a little simpler desserts have simply been saved. Tamara Falcó, the only one who managed to present a good dessert without having seen it, was the winner of the test.

High performance kitchen

In the outdoor test, the contest has moved to the Navacerrada fire station, base of operations of the Special Group for Rescue at Height. After a little theater in which the rescue of Samantha was simulated, who looked like she had never gone to the mountain in her life, a test has begun, in which the applicants have had to compete in groups for a menu to feed 100 firefighters.

The supposedly healthy service consisted of a carpaccio beef with creamy parmesan and truffle sauce; tuna fideuá; country chicken in its own juice, with hot potato foam and sautéed vegetables; and finally, a yogurt ice cream dessert, whole wheat cake and strawberry soup.

To add difficulty to the test, the groups had to participate with substitutes: only four people could cook, while two other group members waited on the bench.

Things were going more or less well in both groups. Tamara has left Los Chunguitos on the bench all the time where, surprise, they have dedicated themselves to singing, despite this (or because of this?) Their cooking has gone like a shot. In the blue team, led by Marta, things have gone wrong at times, more than anything because their captain, who did not have a very good face, has been absent all the cooking (with parraque in the middle).

The red team, therefore, has been saved from elimination, and Álex has been the best contestant and has taken the 4,000 euros, which he has donated to the Bobath Foundation, which works with people with cerebral palsy.

The Groundhog Day

In the elimination, Álex, who was chosen as the best candidate in the outdoor test, has had the opportunity to save two contestants from his group, and has chosen Almudena and himself.

And, after this, the big surprise has arrived (which everyone already knew) and that is that the program will again have the participation of Boris Izaguirre and Anabel Alonso, who have entered the elimination test, to compete equally the same with the rest of the applicants. Because of this, the jury has announced that there would be double expulsion.

After this mess of chairs, the test has begun, a classic race (similar to that of two weeks ago) in which the applicants have played the permanence divided into two groups.

The first race consisted of opening scallops, oysters and spider crabs. The first of each group to do so, Anabel and Vicky have been saved from elimination, and Ana, Boris, Elena and Marta (who were winning but decided it was a good idea to wash the oysters in water) have had to face a challenge. second test cooking a free dish with the same genre, a difficult combination that has brought them down the path of bitterness.

Marta has presented a paste mixing all the ingredients with a cold bechamel and Elena has mixed the scallops, oysters and spider crab without rhyme or reason. Ana has done a little better, presenting a salad and a tartar, with the products a little separated, but without destroying. Finally, Boris has presented a dish in which he has truly mixed all the products with mayonnaise and a lot of literature. Obviously, he was going to enter, and, although the judges have criticized him something, they all knew that he was coming to stay.

The verdict was clear: Marta and Elena say goodbye to the program. Enter Boris and Anabel, who are much better known. Does anyone still think that this is still a real contest?

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