Where are the frozen prawns, squid and other products when thawed?

Be very careful when you buy shrimp, prawns, squid and other frozen products because if you do not pay attention, you may be paying for the water at the price of seafood. I read about it in Rogue One some time ago and found the question to be very interesting. That is why I have done the test at home and after the experience I ask myself: Where are the prawns, squid and other frozen products when they thaw?

The idea was simple: Buy frozen shrimp and weigh them out of the bag. Then slowly defrost them over a strainer and empirically check how much waste they have and whether or not it is worth paying for this product. The results of the test have been surprising.

There are frozen prawns and frozen prawns

In some brands, the prawns are frozen after vacuum packaging and there is no noticeable loss, but there are some that are frozen giving the product a previous glaze. Supposedly, this glaze is given to the product to protect its outer layer and prevent it from suffering from freezing, but that glaze - basically water - is weighed with the prawns, and the price is charged for the total.

Some brands do indicate on the packaging indicating "With added water" and others do not. It is important to verify it. Others, like the one I tried, although they do not indicate anything on the outside, they do indicate the drained weight on the inside, -as required by the regulations on packaging- but ... is the indicated quantity true? Let's check it out.

The prawns that I bought, as indicated on the packaging, weigh 500 g. So far everything is going well. If you look at them, these prawns are covered in ice water, with hardly any visible shape or real size, due to that layer of frozen outer glaze.

To check which part of the product is shrimp and which part is glazed, I defrost the prawns over a colander, so that they thaw slowly, filtering the water and keeping only the shrimp and discarding the glaze.

After a few hours, the prawns are defrosted and in the bottom of the container under the strainer, a good amount of water. Now I just need to weigh the prawns and find out how many grams they weigh, out of the 500 of which we started when we opened the container.

As can be seen, the 500 g have become 240, that is, more than half of the product has been lost in the thawing process. In addition, and it is what seems more serious to me, I remind you that the label indicated that the drained weight was 350g, which is absolutely false.

Another issue is the price, since these prawns that cost 4.30 euros per 500 g, that is, 8.60 euros per kilo, actually cost twice as much since with the 4.30 euros I only get 250 g of prawns, so their real price It is more than 17 euros per kilo, money with which I could have bought much higher quality prawns.

How have you stayed? I guess like me, with a surprised face, not to say a fool's face. Of course, I will not buy this type of product again and if I need frozen prawns, I buy them fresh and freeze them myself or I will buy those that are frozen after being vacuum packed and without adding water or glazes.

The same thing that I tell you about prawns, also happens with prawns, squid rings and other frozen products. Open your eyes wide when shopping and you will avoid unpleasant surprises and you will not have to wonder where are the prawns, squid and other frozen products when they thaw?

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