Where can I eat a good stew in Madrid?


Cocido Madrileño is a popular dish that we enjoy frequently, both in our weekly menu at home and in the many restaurants where they offer this traditional spoon dish. In order to help readers find a good option to try this recipe based on chickpeas and taking advantage of the fact that the Ruta del Cocido 2016 runs until March 31, today we want to answer this question: where can I eat a good stew? in Madrid?

There are many Madrid restaurants that have this product on their menu, how could it be otherwise as the typical Madrid stew is. In fact, some of the more traditional restaurants have this dish on their menu as a flagship dish that is served all year round. Tradition means that there is even a typical way of serving and eating stew, through its three traditional twists.

The overturns of the stew

Although it is not strict in the service of the dish, in the sense that whoever wants to can alter the order or composition of the dumplings and it is possible to add some chickpeas to the soup, or even to chop the meats and also add them in the broth, the The most orthodox way to serve the stew is to make three turns, serving the soup in the first, the legumes and vegetables in the second and the meats or meats in the third.

Almost all restaurants offer the stew in an "open bar" format in the sense that it can be repeated at will of soup, chickpeas, meats and other products. There are also others that serve huge portions, almost impossible to finish. All allow to serve the stew in the traditional dumps, and of course, allow the customers to alter the classic order and serve the other products with the soup at will.

Stew accompaniments

In addition to a good bread, to be enjoyed with meats and bacon, it is traditional to serve some peppers or pickled chillies as an accompaniment to the soup and a more or less spicy tomato sauce to accompany chickpeas or meats.

In addition, it is traditional to make a ball or filling, which is made with a couple of eggs, breadcrumbs, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of parsley, olive oil and salt. The ingredients are whipped by hand and a dough is made that is first fried and then added to the stew, allowing it to cook with it for the last 45 minutes. You can also make balls or individual fillings in the shape of a meatball.

Where can I eat a good Madrid stew?

Leaving aside the traditional homemade stew that each of us can prepare at home, there are some catering establishments that already have a recognized prestige in the preparation of this Madrid dish that we now recommend. Obviously, this selection can vary for each one, although in all the places that we are going to recommend, it can be said that Madrid stew will be enjoyed with guarantees. We have included six establishments for being representative of this dish but we could include many other restaurants, famous for their stew.

The Cocido de La Bola

The fame of this stew has a long history, both for the quality of its ingredients and for its preparation in individual clay pots, heated over an oak charcoal fire. Such is the influx of people who have two shifts to taste the stew, one at 1.30pm and the other at 3.30pm.

Lhardy's stew

A classic restaurant with prestige and quality located in Madrid, it cannot fail to offer a dish that has made it famous and that is why Lhardy continues to offer its Madrid stew on the menu along with other classics from its restaurant offerings.

The stew in the Garden of the Intercontinental Hotel

Although it is a stew perhaps less known than the previous ones, this Hotel prepares some great stews. The good hands of chef José Luque give this stew a great character and flavor and the service is impeccable. A good option to try another different stew, as my colleagues from Embelezzia did.

The stew of the Café de la Ópera

This restaurant, located near the Plaza de la Ópera, very close to the Palacio de Oriente, serves a wonderful Madrid stew that we have told you about very recently. Its cooked, with hardly any fat and very light, is also highly recommended.

The stew of Casa Carola

We already told you a few months ago about the wonderful classic stew from Casa Carola in which although the ball or filling is missed, the quality of the broth and the meats and the perfect point of the chickpeas, makes it one of our recommended stews.

The stew of El rincón de Goya

The stew of this restaurant located in the vicinity of Goya Street, is also presented in individual clay pots and its flavor is convincing, both for the quality of the broth and for the rest of the food used in the service.

We could also talk about other classics such as Malacatín, the well-remembered Picardías stew (now closed), Daniela's, the Ritz or many other emblematic places. In addition to all these restaurants, you can consult the list of venues participating in the Madrid Cocido Route 2016 and incidentally benefit from the special offers they have on the occasion of this event that will remain in effect until the end of March. In any case, now you know where you can eat a good Madrid stew in case you want to taste it in these cold winter months. And you, do you recommend any other place to taste it?

Images and more information | Recommended restaurants and Cocido Route
Directly to the Palate | Open bar of stew at Casa Carola
Directly to the Palate | Restaurant Cafe de la Opera. Sung dinners and Madrid stew.

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