The environment also influences what we eat


Not only our level of hunger or the desire to eat affect what we eat, but the environment also influences what we eat, encouraging us or on the contrary, reducing the pleasant effect of a dish on the body. Likewise, the environment in which we eat can condition the impact of a dish on the health of our body.

All the senses when eating

Since not only taste decides whether a dish is pleasant and tasty, but all the senses participate when eating, not only the taste of the food matters but also what we hear, what we see, what we feel on our skin or in the mouth as well as what we smell.

So, the atmosphere with its decoration, the dish with its aroma, a restaurant with lighting and music and even with the colors it presents, can be decisive when eating.

And we not only talk about the material environment that surrounds us, but also the emotional environment, that is, if we are in company, if the environment makes us feel good or bad, if we are nervous because of the situation, among other things.

At the time of eating, not only our internal hunger signals and the dish in question influence what we eat, but also many variables of the environment that surrounds us.

A healthy and neutral environment

If we know that the environment in which the act of eating takes place determines the effect of food on our body, then we will prioritize that the environment in which we eat is healthy and neutral.

For this we must know:

  • An environment with little lighting pushes us to eat more, basically because it disinhibits us, prevents us from correctly visualizing what we eat and makes it difficult to become aware of the amount ingested, therefore, it is best to eat in a neutral way with a more adequate control of the amounts is to eat with good lighting
  • Soft music stimulates consumption because, like low lights, they relax and favor the time spent in the act of eating, at the same time that they distract attention from the plate of food. The best way to control the quantity well is to eat without music.
  • Annoying noises or screams excite our nervous system, favoring fast, uncontrolled and unpleasant consumption of food, therefore, in order not to have digestive problems and to preserve self-control of the amount consumed, it is best to eat without screaming or arguing in the middle .
  • The television while we eat also withdraws our attention from the food and pushes us to eat more, therefore, better without distractions when eating
  • The company generally leads to a more pleasant consumption but the greater the number of diners, the greater the intake, however, the dialogue in the middle of the meal favors the association of it with a good shared moment, although we must not lose sight of what we eat and how much we eat.
  • The greater the variety of foods, the more I consume, that is, the diversity of dishes means that the intake is greater, so if you are trying to control the amount you consume, it is better to prepare a single preparation per meal and avoid eating at a buffet.
  • Eating while standing and / or moving while doing another activity does not allow us to become aware of what we are eating, therefore, it does not satisfy us and pushes us to eat more, if you want to eat what is necessary, without excesses and enjoy the food, the place adequate to eat is at the table, properly seated.
  • Crockery and cutlery also affect what we eat, so much so that using plastic cutlery or colored plates reduces the perceived taste as well as the pleasure that a meal generates, therefore, to eat without excesses and enjoy what we eat, the best is metal cutlery and white plates.

There are many environmental variables that influence what we eat, but we can always control them, avoiding inappropriate places to eat, choosing a well-lit environment with few distractions, as well as prioritizing eating always seated, without discussions in the middle and in good company.

An uncontrolled meal can be excessive, and a meal accelerated in the midst of nerves and screaming is usually indigestible, therefore, control the environment beyond the ingredients of the dish if you want the food to be healthy.

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