The baker's apprentice

As you know, I am becoming fond of making breads like the peasant that I showed you last week. So my wife gave me a book on this subject on Friday that I loved: Peter Reinhard's Apprentice Baker.

Peter Reinhart is a bakery teacher at Johnson & Wales and with this book, he wants to show his students all the secrets and curiosities of bread, coming from his study of various bakeries in France and from his classes.

Structured in 5 parts, the first three are broad blocks in which what is in the bread is analyzed; the foundations of bread (basic concepts and the twelve phases of bread) and finally formulas. At the end are some resources and a helpful alphabetical index.

The book has 50 recipes, explained in a simple way but with great detail, and some practical photos of the step by step. And if you like curiosities, you are in luck, as the author explains the chemical processes involved in the creation of bread or the history of each type of bread.

I like that the resources section includes a careful selection of favorite books on this subject. In addition, it is perfectly clear that the baker is up to date on the Internet (in fact he has a blog) and puts out web pages that offer very detailed information about specific breads, online stores with utensils for bakers (there are none in our country) or about the ingredients. It also includes a list of schools and training programs in Spain and even a list of flour suppliers.

I still haven't had time to read it calmly, but seeing the recipes, my imagination has started to work and my stomach asks me to make a panettone, Tuscan bread, and some torpedoes of potato, cheddar cheese and chives, I give my word that I will bring you shortly.

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