The art of French cuisine. Julia Child Recipe Book in Spanish


Fifty years has been the time it has taken to translate into Spanish The Art of French Cooking, Julia Child's recipe book. The interesting trajectory of this American chef was revealed a few years ago through the film "Julie & Julia", which narrates the parallel lives of Julia Child and the gastronomic blogger Julie, who makes all the recipes in her book along with over a year.

If cinematographic fiction was of any use, it was to praise the figure of this cook trained at the refined Le Cordon Bleu academy in Paris, who introduced French gastronomy to American society through her books and cooking programs. Although I have no idea of ​​English, I have been able to see some of his programs and it is quite a spectacle to admire how he moves in the kitchen.

The art of French cuisine It is a very complete haute cuisine manual. It reminds me of the books of the Marchioness of Parabere that my mother has, since it extends into all kinds of explanations, for example about the best kitchen utensils or the culinary techniques used and also, it does not have images of any of the recipes.

French cuisine has the most refined techniques, but that does not mean it should be intimidating. It is true that some of the recipes that are collected in this literary classic are more complex, but not all are and some of them are available to any fan. Surely I will never prepare roasted goose with plum and foie gras stuffing, but it is normal because in all the recipe books there is always one that is not to our liking.

The prologue of this Spanish edition is written by David de Jorge E. and Martín Berasategui, both highly prestigious chefs, who say: "You will find no better antidote to haste than to take a quiet look back at these pages, spun with juicy streaky bacon that everyone loves: the starched jacket chef will recognize his sources, and the amateur cook will discover a whole universe"

The chapters that make up this book are: Introduction (utensils, definitions, ingredients, measurements, temperatures, cuts and wines); soups; sauces; eggs; starters and dishes for lunch; fish; birds; meats; greens and vegetables; cold dishes and desserts and cakes. It is a very complete book, as each chapter is divided, in turn, into several subsections.

In short, the art of French cuisine is a true classic, which once revolutionized culinary pedagogy and is now available to all of us who are passionate about gastronomy. I am very satisfied to have it in my language. As Julia Child herself would say Toujours, bon appétit!

The art of French cuisine

Julia child Editorial Debate ISBN: 978-84-9992-297-3 36.90 euros

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