The Art of New Spanish Cuisine


On August 9, a meeting organized by Annette Abstoss (who organized Cuinasia) and sponsored by ICEX, among other entities, will be held in Hong Kong, it is The Art of New Spanish Cuisine.

Different prestigious chefs from our country will come to the Langham Place hotel to present the new techniques and products, with tastings and culinary demonstrations of our country. Among the 14 chefs who will show the new Spanish cuisine are Olivier Ramos, from the Renacimiento Hotel in Seville, Rubén García, from the Jaleo de José Andrés restaurant group, Alex Gares, from the Lasarte restaurant, Aitor Olabegoya, from the Arola restaurant (Bcn) and Carlos Tejedor, from Via Veneto.

250 people are expected to participate by professionals and experts in Chinese gastronomy. In addition, our chefs will enjoy a week-long program in which they will learn about Chinese culinary techniques, as well as the products of their culture.

Very interesting for both countries, we can all enjoy the knowledge acquired in the exchange.

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