Biofuel leads to higher food prices


Not long ago we mentioned En Directo al Paladar that a new record had been reached in world cereal production and that the cause was the growing demand for this food to make biofuels.

Today we know of a report prepared by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in which they inform us about the increases in agricultural products, and how they will escalate steps in the increase in its price to reach 50% more in 10 years.

A poor crop surplus coupled with a growing demand for biofuels are a dangerous cocktail for the pockets of the consumer and especially for the poorest pockets of the world. Everything is part of a gear, the increase in the price of some foods, such as cereals, will force an increase in the prices of feed used to feed livestock and consequently will increase the price of meat and livestock derivatives.

The changes will be forceful, cereals, sugar or vegetable oils will increase their prices. Forecasts show this, for example, Brazil produces 21,000 million liters of ethanol and it is expected that in less than 10 years this amount will double, the same happens in other countries with corn or rapeseed.

We hope that countries with food problems will receive the same attention as biofuels and that so-called food insecurity can be eliminated.

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