El Bulli is pavilion G of Documenta XII in Kassel


The expectation and mystery surrounding Ferrán Adrià's exhibition at the Documenta XII contemporary art show in Kassel has already been revealed, and not without surprises, the artistic Catalan chef has moved Pavilion G of Documenta XII to his restaurant, where he find a table for two people that each day will be occupied by two attendees of the exhibition chosen at random, a total of 200 people will be able to contemplate, smell, taste and experience the art of Ferrán Adrià in the Bulli.

Adrià wants to show all the essence of his art, that is why “the museum is the restaurant”, in statements to several newspapers he explains, “What counts in my kitchen is not the dish, it is the experience of going to my restaurant. get a reservation, look forward to the arrival of the day, then take the plane, the car, to reach a small lost bay and eat 30 dishes. This is my work. "

Roger M. Buergel, director of Documenta XII, stated that he invited Ferrán after living the experience of eating in his restaurant, although he feels that the participation of the Catalan chef cannot be enjoyed by all those attending the exhibition, he understands that the Bulli has had to become an extension of the fair, since the essence of his art cannot be reproduced elsewhere. During the one hundred days that the exhibition lasts, each night two people chosen at random will travel from Kassel to Cala Montjoi on an airlift (financed by Caixa Girona, the Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona Tourist Board and the Roses City Council).

The rest of the diners who for a year had managed to reserve a table for these days, will also experience the exhibition at the Bulli, they will become visitors to pavilion G of Documenta XII receiving a menu with the logo of the fair.

For the considered best chef in the world, the important thing is that cooking has become a new discipline in the world of art. (Others see the growing tourism future that the area will host).

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