Rest also influences what we eat


There are different aspects that affect the act of eating and the sensations that it produces in the body, so much so that rest also influences what we eat, being able to alter the feeling of satiety and even impact the food choices we make.

Good rest, good diet

Food such as night rest or sleep are key to releasing the stress that the body suffers every day, however, sleeping for a few hours or in a bad way and thus not getting a restful sleep, can significantly affect our diet.

If we have a good rest we have a good diet, because if we do not sleep well we experience a feeling of emotional discomfort due to stress and this will push us to eat poor quality food and in distorted quantities.

There is a close link between emotions and food, so if we don't sleep little and feel bad, we also eat badly.

But on the other hand, it has been shown that inappropriate sleep patterns alter the hormones that regulate our hunger, leading us to have more appetite and more desire to eat and less satiety when eating, thus, when we sleep little we eat more and perhaps for this reason, Poor sleep has been linked to an increased risk of obesity.

Not only that, but in addition to eating more, when we sleep little we consume more fatty foods that we know, they should not be present in excess in our diet if we want to take care of our health.

In other words, the hours of sleep can not only alter the quantity but also the quality of what we eat or have a desire to eat.

So, if we want to achieve a healthy diet, it is important that we get enough rest every day, reaching 7-8 hours of sleep every night in a deep and restorative way.

Sleeping and eating: a close link

We already know that rest influences what we eat and that is why we must take care of the hours of sleep each day, but in addition, what we eat can also affect rest, being able to say then that between sleeping and eating there is a close link.

If we have copious, heavy dinners that do not favor digestion, as well as if we eat a lot before going to bed, we will not get a good night's rest and this bad rest will affect what we eat, thus locking us in a circle that deserves the Too bad we find the way out

So, prepare a healthy dinner every day taking care of the selection of ingredients as well as the amount of them, and try to eat properly to rest well and thus, not alter what we eat, but achieve a pleasant, balanced and healthy diet

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