The end of pastries in schools, with the approval of the Food Safety Law


The approval of the Law on Food Safety and Nutrition aims to eliminate sweets, salty snacks, industrial pastries and soft drinks from cafeterias and vending machines in schools and institutes.

The regulation wants to prevent foods with a high content of trans fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, salt and sugars from being available to children, with the aim of curbing the increase in childhood obesity that has taken place in recent years in Spain.

We will be aware of the development of this Law in subsequent regulatory norms, but it is intended that in recess, the students' options are fundamentally, sandwiches, fruits and juices.

Regarding school menus, these must be designed by nutrition experts, and anticipate the circumstances of students with allergies or intolerances to certain nutrients, especially gluten intolerance, establishing the obligation of a monthly programming of the menus, in such a way clear and detailed, and will guide so that dinner is complementary to the lunch menu.

On the other hand, the Law provides for the creation of an Observatory of nutrition and obesity study, which will obtain information on the eating habits and physical activity of the population, at different ages and socioeconomic groups, all with the purpose of improve our customs in this section.

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