The great book of Moroccan cuisine


We should soak up the cultures around us. Not only of the own cultural differences that we have within a country, and in Spain I believe that like nowhere else in the world. But we must also know other gastronomic cultures. Today I show you an exciting recipe book, The great book of Moroccan cuisine.

What I liked the most is that we can find so many and so varied different types of couscous that really, if you are passionate about this type of dish, you cannot miss it. I recently made one garnish, the coriander couscous. Well, I varied the recipe a bit.

Another part of the book that I have read cover to cover is the final part on basic preparations. Essential to be able to prepare all the dishes in the book. In this small area, perhaps too small, we can learn about spices, utensils, how to cook cous cous or other basic recipes such as pastry or Moroccan bread.

In total we have a book with more than 500 recipes, delicious by the way. I just love it, especially since I tried a cous cous made properly by a Moroccan grandmother. Since then, I have so much respect for this cuisine that I am even embarrassed to make a recipe, because of whether I will make it wrong or not respect the way it is cooked.

The great book of Moroccan cuisine

Author Fatema Hal
Editorial RBA books
ISBN: 9788498671162
Price € 38.00

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