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Santa Claus knows me very well. The other day under the tree I came across, among other things, a very interesting book on nutrition: The kitchen of health. The truth is that I did not know it, but seeing who its authors were, my interest was aroused in a second: Ferrán Adriá, Valentín Fuster, the eminent cardiologist, and Josep Corbella from the Alicia Foundation.

The book is divided into 16 entertaining chapters in which a journey is made in the day of any family, such as yours. But do not expect a roll on nutrition in manual plan, since it is a small novel in which it teaches us how to eat correctly.

So he takes a tour of breakfast, shopping, how to store food correctly, how to cook, family meals, snacks, dinner. The chapter on alcohol, eating out, or empty calories deserves special attention.

Attitudes towards food are also discussed, such as the prohibition of certain foods for children, which makes them want them even more; the importance of plate size or even physical activity.

It also includes healthy and very rich recipes such as fruit foams, antioxidant snacks such as homemade orangeade and dishes with chocolate.

I have not finished reading it in full, but I really like the seriousness and rigor, with abundant documentation, with which the topics are analyzed, but at the same time they are explained in a pleasant and simple way. A good idea for a jpgt or to put in the letter of the Magi.

The kitchen of health

Ferran Adrià, Valentín Fuster, Josep Corbella Editorial Planeta ISBN 978 84 08 09456 2 Price 21.90 euros

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