The Oscars gala menu

There are only a few hours left until the 84th Edition of the Hollywood Film Awards begins and it is already known what the menu of the Oscars will be. At the end of the awards ceremony, a dinner will be served in which dishes, designed by Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck, will try to maintain the glamor of the ceremony.

As they have announced, there will be no lack of luxury since it is expected that more than 5 kilos of caviar will be served, although the idea this year is that it will not be a formal dinner, but a dinner based on sandwiches, tacos and other snacks.

Among the dishes that will be served after the awards ceremony are a truffle chicken pie, Chinese ginger lobster on basmati, lamb with coriander sauce, or mini burgers, all in tiny portions so that the 1,500 guests can leave. having tried everything.

This year we are going to prepare homemade food for everyone, said Chef Puck. The guests are going to have fun because they can share dinner while walking with their friends, they will not have to sit at a table with people they do not know, explained when showing what novelties will have his menu, which he makes for the eighteenth consecutive year.

To finish off the dinner, the guests will be able to enjoy a lot of sweets, among which the 3D chocolate stands out, which, if viewed with the special glasses of the movies shot with this technology, will gain depth. Of course, there will be no shortage of the classic Oscar figures made of chocolate and dipped in gold dust.

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