The myth of the origin of the kitchen


In case anyone has not noticed, today is Friday, Friday of the first of July for more details; the prelude to a hot weekend that involves visits to the beach, paellas in the country, fresh beer and eternal after-dinner meals sheltered by a good shade and, why not, the company of a refreshing ice cream.

Those after-hours in which we talk about everything while some of us take a nap lying on our loungers. Of course, this weekend everyone will talk about football and octopuses that guess match results, but I'm going to propose a different topic of conversation, one about the myth of the origin of the kitchen.

According to Charles Lamb in A Dissertation upon Roast Pig, a clueless swineherd set fire to a litter of piglets and discovered to his delight that the result of such an accident was surprisingly tasty, the first barbecue in history has just taken place.

As he thought about what to say to his father, and wrung his hands over the smoldering remains of one of those premature victims, a scent invaded him unlike any other scent he had ever smelled (...).

At the same time, a foreboding wetness covered her lower lip and she didn't know what to think. Then he bent down to touch the pig, in case there was any sign of life. He burned his fingers, and to cool them he put them in his mouth like a fool.

Chunks of the charred skin had stuck to his fingers, and for the first time in his life (in the life of the world, actually, since no man had ever known them before) he tasted pork rinds!

Legend has it that people came to burn entire houses with animals inside to enjoy their unique taste, although soon someone relapsed that not so much destruction seemed necessary to achieve it. As can be read in History of food:

The custom of burning houses was replaced by the intervention of a wise man, who discovered that pork, or any other animal, could be cooked without the need to reduce an entire house to ashes to prepare it ”.

Let's see what your fellow members think about the myth of the origin of the kitchen.

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