The World in my kitchen by Gordon Ramsay


As I mentioned, this Christmas my kitchen library has increased considerably. Among the new books under the tree appeared The World in My Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay.

Curiously, the Scottish cook was not very funny to me, perhaps because of his television appearances where he does not show his friendlier side.

However, with this book I have begun to look at your kitchen in a different way: with curious and expectant eyes. I have discovered a cosmopolitan, innovative and international cuisine. Or what is the same, that I am going to be inspired a lot from this recipe book.

The book is divided into large chapters with recipes from those countries: France, Italy, Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, China, Thailand, India and the United States.

The scheme of each chapter is similar, showing us some of the most traditional recipes of each country and in turn giving them a special touch. For example, in France, the author shows us his knowledge of French cuisine, which he acquired in his training with the Rous brothers and presents dishes that are simple to prepare but at the same time very elegant.

The world in my kitchen

Gordon Ramsay Editorial Grijalbo ISBN 9788425345289 Price 29.90 euros

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