The panko is in fashion


Traditional breadcrumbs have a serious competitor, the panko. Surely you have already heard of it, even En Directo al Paladar we have proposed some recipes made with this bread from Asia with which any breading becomes a crunchy delicacy.

But what is it that differentiates it from breadcrumbs as we know it? the fundamental difference is that the panko is prepared without the crust, hence its white color, crumbling the soft bread and letting it dry later. In addition, it will not be pulverized, resulting in pieces much larger than traditional breadcrumbs. But what is more important is the lightness of the bread used, in many cases with milk in its composition, which means that once the food is fried with panko, its crunchy crust is thin and not heavy.

The name is not as sophisticated as it sounds, it simply means bread crumbs. In the name, therefore, is the key to understanding what panko is, fine bread crumbs, turned into bread flakes once dry. We have found that in addition to providing an excellent breading, it can also be used successfully in gratins and baked goods, being the perfect vehicle to create crispy crusts.

I leave you some of the recipes that we have prepared with panko:

  • Panko chicken salad recipe with soy mango vinaigrette
  • Panko prawns with parmesan cream. Recipe
  • Hake recipe in panko and walnut crust in saffron background

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