The natural product with the most preservatives and colorings in the world is ...

In last week's post, I stated that eating preservatives was 100% healthy and natural. What he was claiming was not an exaggeration. Every day you and millions of people around the world eat more preservatives and colorants than are found in some industrial bakery packages.

The chemical compounds of the product that I am going to talk about are: Water, vegetable oils, sugars, starch, E160, E306, nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, acetaldehyde, biotin, folic acid, E300, palmitic acid, E570, oleic acid, linoleic acid , E296, oxalic acid, E163, E460, salicylic acid, fructose, purines, sodium, E253, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, colors and antioxidant. It is a product that has, nothing more and nothing less than, 8 E numbers in its composition. Fortunately, it is not mandatory to label all these components when we buy it, because otherwise we would stop consuming something as healthy as a ...

What should I put on an apple label

As you can see, an apple has, naturally, things as toxic as chlorine, purines or acetaldehyde. If they don't tell you that something is an apple, and you read a label that has E160, E163, E253, E296, E300, E306, E460, E570, and also chlorine, would you have bought it? I confess, not a few years ago. And he would not have done it out of sheer ignorance. And if you don't believe me, believe the General Nutritionist, who is a biologist and dietitian-nutritionist.

It is time for us as consumers to mature in every way, and not let them fool us with claims such as "100% natural" or "no preservatives or colorings." The brands that put that, do it to sell more and so that you consume more of their product compared to the rest. Point. Being informed makes us more free, and allows us to choose better. If we see that there is a quality product that we like, but that has preservatives or colorings, let's use it. There is nothing wrong with it, just as there is nothing wrong with eating an apple. As much as you try to avoid them, every day, you will be eating a huge proportion of E substances. Maybe much bigger than what can be in a jelly bean.

You might think that those apple E's are naturally present, and those of a bun are not. And it's true, but stearic acid (E570) is the same. Your body is going to process it exactly the same, because the enzyme that breaks it down has no idea where it comes from. He just knows what a fatty acid is and what he has to do to turn it into something else.

Yes, it is very possible that the food industry uses some of these compounds to make a product more attractive, and more addictive, and of course, less healthy. But do you think that they will not achieve the same effect without them? I recently read about a 100% natural potato chip, fried in extra virgin olive oil, and made with non-GMO potatoes. In Spain. But the consumption of transgenic potatoes in humans is prohibited in Europe! (corrected and source) How does a Spanish brand sell non-transgenic French fries? It would be more, would be committing an infraction. Are those potatoes healthier and less addictive than others with E? Well, it depends, if they add more or less salt, if they brown them more or less, or if the oil is reused many times. All of that can influence much more than any E you have. Oh, and of course, because they don't put the E's that also have the potatoes naturally ...

Actually, we should focus on what is important, eat varied, play sports, and enjoy food. Or as JM Mulet says in his latest book, Eat Without Fear. The only thing they are doing when they say something is "100% natural and without preservatives or colorings" is trying to deceive us. So much so, that there are products that avoid putting the E, and only put the name of the compound. For example, cellulose, instead of E400. In reality, they make you decide on their brand, and not another, taking advantage of our ignorance that food is pure chemistry. Chemistry that we have turned into art for our greatest enjoyment. So let's enjoy it, and if you want to eat healthy, eat a variety.

Finally, I have said in the title "preservatives and colorants". Apple actually has a preservative, malic acid (E296), but I have used this expression because it is a widely used phrase. It has 3 colorants, 2 antioxidants (which do have a good press), 1 cellulose emulsifier (E400) and an acidity regulator, stearic acid (E570).

PS .: Just today, and totally by chance, José Manuel López Nicolás, whom we already interviewed in DAP, has published this article, Chemophobia? ... and an egg !. Another example of a natural product, filled with E numbers.

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