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Going to Pamplona and not leaving for pinchos, is almost the same as not having visited the city. That is more or less clear to everyone, although we should all know that, gastronomically speaking, the city has much more to offer. On my pincho weekend, I had the opportunity to discover it by visiting one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, El Restaurante de Baluarte.

Located on the second floor of the imposing Palace of Congresses and Auditorium of Navarra, this beautiful restaurant enjoys several very remarkable things, a very large and bright room, magnificent views of the Citadel, an impeccable room service and a dynamic and passionate chef named Enrique Martínez.

The menu is closed and offers us a snack menu, main course and dessert. The price starts from 25 euros of From Tuesday to Friday at 30 euros the weekends and holidays, Drinks not included. Much cheaper than you can imagine before meeting it, especially if you take into account that we enjoy haute cuisine, with an exquisite taste, quality and presentation.

These are the dishes, from the weekend menu, that I had the pleasure of tasting:

  • Mixed salad with tomato popcorn: In this salad, two main protagonists stand out, the grilled chives in a vinaigrette that stars in the set of flavors and the texture of frozen tomato popcorn that refresh your mouth as soon as you approach your lips. Both offer a very interesting set of textures.

  • Deer tartar: This dish, as explained by the chef himself, is prepared with deer meat that are bred in captivity and that at the time of slaughter do not suffer from the stress of hunting, thus preventing the meat from being tough. In this tartare the venison is marinated in dark beer and is accompanied by guacamole. If with the potato chips that also accompany the plate, we drag both things, when we put it in our mouth we will get an exquisite bite.

  • Calçot in tempura with silver powder, roasted vegetables and idiazábal serum: A misleading bite, at first it may seem that we are eating a calçot roasted in a traditional way and that before eating we should remove the outside of it, but it is an impression wrong, it is wrapped in a kind of tempura or shirt that is eaten as is. The idiazábal serum is an extra that is presented in a separate container and that each one of us serves at will. By the way, the detail of the silver dust is to simulate the ash with which the calçots get dirty when they are roasted.

  • Panaché: It may seem that a panaché is a simple dish, without much mystery or interest, but when each of the vegetables that make up the dish is achieved, they are at the right point of cooking and flavor and are served accompanied by a excellent ham, a simple vegetable panaché serves to demonstrate mastery in the kitchen.

  • Kokotxas de bacalao: bed of borage with pil-pil of gin: This original variant has emerged from a classic vegetable stalks with cod kokotxas al pi.pil. In this case, I have to study how gin pil-pil is made, worth investigating.

  • Baked turbot with smoked Dashi: A simple type of cooking, without artifice, the fish just right but with a crispy skin, more complicated to do than it may seem at first. Smoked Dashi is a Japanese broth, almost transparent, in this case with a fish flavor and a strong touch of smoke, it is presented in a small separate container, so that each one can water their fish at will, at the time of eating.

  • Roast kid shoulder with licorice oil: Like the previous dish, a simple cooking, without any adornments that distract the palate, the taste of the meat is clean, very tender inside and very crunchy on the outside. The detail of the licorice oil gives it the original touch, it is like the tie with funny drawings of a very serious men's suit.

  • Roast gorrino: It reminded me of the roast suckling pig from one of the best restaurants in Segovia at the end of the aqueduct, just seasoned with a pinch of coarse salt on the crispy skin. For a moment I was sorry to start it, but only for a moment.

  • Mojito Sorbet: It was cold, sweet, and tasted like lime and mint. It was delicious, although I did not know how much rum it could have, not even if it had something, but I was about to have another after coffee and another to go and the recipe to the chef.

  • White chocolate soup: red fruits, mango roll, orange crunch and rosemary and lime ice cream: The title of the dish explains almost everything, it explains what it was made and even the order in which it is placed on the plate, but What it cannot explain is how delicious it is and like all the mix of different flavors, they get an exquisite dessert. The crunchy orange that topped the plate is another thing I have to investigate.

Baluarte Restaurant

Bastion, Conference Center and Auditorium of Navarra Plaza del Baluarte 31002 Pamplona

information and bookings

Telephone: 948 066 050 Email: [email protected]

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