The Certified Quality seal is presented at a children's camp

The Certified Quality seal that represents the highest quality Andalusian agri-food products changes language to present itself to more than 1,300 children who will attend a language immersion camp in Mazagón (Huelva). The objective of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is for children to learn, in addition to the large quantity and quality of products that their land offers them, how healthy it is and the benefits of having a Mediterranean diet.

The Lujita Bus has been installed in the camp until July 20, where it will provide children with food and agriculture education through games, gymkhanas, interactive videos and jpgts. The characteristic of this camp is that the official language is English, and so will be the promotion of the Certified Quality seal.

The schoolchildren will also learn about organic food through a breakfast that they will offer to those who come to the bus.

For the little ones it will be an adventure, in which a very important aspect enters, healthy eating habits, the sooner they acquire them, the more healthy and continuous they will have.

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