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That technology has changed the way we shop is undeniable. Nowadays it is natural for us to buy online, especially everything that has to do with electronics, appliances, books, games, tickets ... but on the other hand, very few people who know do the shopping online (although they do buy gourmet products online), something that I hope they change in the supermarket of the future.

For me there are various barriers. The first of these is the interface of virtual supermarkets, which is generally confusing and visually disheartening, which brings us to the second barrier, time. In the end you waste as much time or more doing the purchase online than going down to your supermarket, so most of us opted for this second option, and in this way we save transport costs, it gives us a little air and we can even say hello to the neighbors.

A good solution to these two problems seems to have been found in South Korea, where the Home Plus supermarket chain (owned by the British Tesco) has carried out an interesting campaign to bring its online store closer to end consumers, both visually and in terms of saving time.

To do this, and as you can see in the video, they have installed some panels in the metro stops emulating the shelves of a supermarket, with their shelves, their prices and their products as we would see them if we were there. The only difference is that instead of taking the products and putting them in the cart, we must scan the QR code associated with each product to add it to the shopping cart.

When we have finished we pay from the same phone and our selection will begin to prepare to arrive home shortly after us, having lost very little time in the whole process (perhaps we would have missed a few meters to finish), without having to carry bags or queuing and, above all, without losing the visual experience of what it is to do the shopping, which is one of the great handicaps of the online version of supermarkets.

This good idea that has allowed them to almost double their customers and increase Internet sales by 130%, but above all it is a good approach to what we all expect from the supermarket of the future; something that really saves us time without being alienating.

Here in Spain, technology in the food sector advances at a slower pace. Yes it is true that all supermarkets and hypermarkets offer the possibility of buying online, but in general it is quite frustrating. Unfriendly interfaces, ridiculously small images, slowness, complexity, errors with the purchase ... in short, nothing that you want much.

However, it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and innovations begin to appear in the sector. Because in addition to the flourishing gourmet shops on the internet, I have found that soon, in one of the hypermarkets I go to, I will be able to mark what I am buying on a code reader so that later I do not have to wait for the cashier does it, and you only have to pay when you leave. The ideal thing would be to do it with my mobile, pay through it and that when leaving they should only check that I am not taking anything that I have not paid for, but it is a start.

When asked, I would love for the virtual versions of supermarkets to resemble the shelves, and for me to be able to navigate through the different sections comfortably from my computer, my mobile phone or my tablet, seeing the products and choosing what I want to buy while I travel in the subway or the bus or I have a dead time. But of course, something like this implies a well-designed website or application and, above all, an adequate logistics center, and not that when making the purchase online an employee takes a car and walks through the establishment looking for everything I have asked for.

And you, how would you like the supermarket of the future to be?

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