Nopales salad, grape pie and much more in Directo al Paladar México


Today I am especially happy because my favorite season, autumn, has finally begun. Although that means that we are nearing the end of September, and therefore today will be my last entry for this time in which I share with you the recipes of Directo al Paladar México. But next week one of my colleagues will take the baton, so I hope you don't miss this weekly appointment.

To say goodbye to what has been the last month of summer, we have a few simple but very appetizing recipes with an original touch, perfect for getting out of our most common routines without having to complicate ourselves too much. Autumnal products are now more noticeable than ever in the recipe book, although we still find fresh proposals that are also perfect to take away if we have to eat out.

We start by opening our mouths with some appetizer dishes and snacks, a section in which a sauce for dipping can never be missing. Authentic hummus is already a classic in many restaurants and also at home, as it is very easy to prepare. If you are more of toast and canapés, you will like the idea of ​​toasted bread with pears, cheese and almonds, so rich that it could almost be a dessert.

As a starter or first course we can always prepare a salad, and surely the recipe for nopales salad with prickly pear and xoconostle dressing is out of your usual. The nopales are cactus and the dressing is prepared based on the desert fruit, similar to our prickly pear. Another idea is the scrambled eggs with vegetables in an omelette casserole, which are also very good for breakfast if you are more than starting the day with a salty and energetic snack.

For lunch or dinner we find two proposals that can be taken very well in lunchbox to work. The chicken and two cheese sandwich tastes a bit of Italy, with a base of pesto and the combination of mozzarella and provolone to enrich the chicken breast. And if you prefer a more comforting dish with a bread dipping sauce, you have to try the encacahuatado pork loin, prepared with peanuts and a touch of chili.

We say goodbye without forgetting the sweet section with two recipes in which the protagonist is fruit. First we have a light yogurt with rum roasted banana, served with honey and walnuts, and then a simple but very appetizing grape pie, very quick to prepare if we use ready-to-use puff pastry.

This has been all for today, I hope you have enjoyed once again our visit to the friends of Directo al Paladar México. Remember that next week we inaugurate the month and one of my colleagues will return to bring you the recipes of our colleagues to inspire us with their preparations. We wait for you!

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