Equip yourself to cook at the campsite with Hunting Bargains


Although when we go on vacation we may also want to forget about our culinary obligations, it is normal that our passion for fireplaces comes with us. Maybe not if we have a hotel room reserved, but in an apartment on the beach or even camping, although you will need to equip yourself to cook at the campsite with Hunting Bargains.

This week we have prepared a selection for you with the best offers in accessories for cooking when we are camping, from the essential stoves to tableware and portable cookware. Do not miss anything!

The best offers for cooking at the campsite

  • We will start with the most basic, a folding Campingaz stove that, despite its small size and harmless appearance, offers 2900W of heating power. It can be obtained for 23.70 euros at Amazon (a 23% discount), although we can also find it for 24.95 euros at El Corte Inglés and Decathlon.

  • If we need a little more space or something more stable, then better this stove with two burners, also from Campingaz, which costs 38.56 euros on Amazon.

  • For the more professional of this camping, another option is a Campart Travel, which includes a kitchen and a complete closet that can be easily folded into a briefcase. Its price, 94.41 euros with a 6% discount on Amazon.

  • Of course, if you are not very fond of gas or you plan to contract electricity on your plot, then you may be interested in bringing a portable induction hob, a Taurus one costs 69.90 euros in Media Markt.

Do not forget the accessories

  • In addition to the stove for cooking, we will need accessories, such as this complete hiking kitchen set for two, which includes pans, glasses, plates and cutlery for 27.52 euros at Amazon with an 8% discount.

  • If we plan to be more, in Decathlon we have a set for 4 people for 34.95 euros, although it does not include cutlery, but for those who want to cook almost like at home, theirs is a 7-piece camping cookware , like this 10T Ranger that we can get with an 18% discount for 39.98 euros on Amazon.

  • We now lack a table and chairs in which to enjoy what we have eaten. At El Corte Inglés, for example, we found a set of folding table and chairs for 55.95 euros and a 20% discount.

  • Finally, although we have already dedicated a Bargain Hunting to the best portable refrigerators, it is good to highlight this Coleman chest 34L refrigerator that has a 20% discount at El Corte Ingles, with a final price of 43.95 euros.

Enjoy the camping!

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