Are you one of those who dieters before Christmas binges? the question of the week


In case you have not realized - you have to tell us how - there is less than a month left until Christmas and it is inevitable to plan everything that entails. It is not mandatory to chain binges during the holidays, but we will all have to eat too much on the designated dates. Now, pre-Christmas diets are becoming fashionable, and that is the issue I want to raise with you today in Question of the Week.

Are you one of those who dieters before Christmas binges?

The most normal thing is to eat little on the eve or during the day before dinner on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, but I am seeing an increasingly clear trend of betting directly on going on a diet a few weeks before Christmas to arrive "with a margin of kilos " to the parties. How about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlosing weight before binge eating to eat with less regret? Do you take care of yourself a little more before Christmas so you don't have to suffer so much in January? Encourage us to share your opinion in our section of Direct to the Paladar Answers.

Eating at the cinema: for or against? Last week's question

Last Friday I raised one of the most controversial issues that usually generate within a movie theater. Do you like to have a snack when you go to see a movie, or do you rather resent people who spend all their time eating? It seems that nobody likes having to put up with the noise and the smell of other spectators eating and drinking, especially since each time you enter with more annoying food and you do not take any care not to disturb others. The most voted comment has been that of karelakn, which told us:

I air it all in the first 10 minutes of the film, so in the end it is better to eat something out calmly (instead of popcorn, maybe dinner ...) and watch the film in silence and calm, without distractions or salt on the fingers. I do not care that other people eat, with the volume they put in the cinema it is annoying a conversation or mobile lights, but not chewing popcorn. What I can't stand is dirty people staining the room.

We hope once again your participation in The Question of the Week with your opinion on the subject of pre-Christmas diets. I say goodbye to the section for this month, but next Friday one of my colleagues will be waiting for you with the most voted comment and a new topic on which we can share impressions. As always, thank you all very much for participating.

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